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Redefining the Global Talent Search space

The services have helped organizations to engage with one single partner for all leadership hiring requirements globally

Published: Dec 29, 2020 04:37:36 PM IST
Updated: Jan 6, 2021 06:43:11 PM IST

Redefining the Global Talent Search space
Taking a decision to become an entrepreneur is never easy, but when you have faced the problems you wish to solve, the transition becomes more convincing and firmer. That is how Prasad Tataverty started Renascence Talent in June 2016, a boutique search firm aiming to redefine the Global Talent Search. He is the driving force behind Renascence Talent serving clients in over 13 countries and positioning Leaders who are generating incremental revenue of $3mn to $1bn for their organizations every year.  His two decades of experience in both Business & HR helped him create a sustainable business model. 

Capitalizing on his experience, Renascence Talent found its niche in Global Leadership & Sales hiring with its reputation as an astute, hard-working, knowledgeable and very well-networked agency Globally catering to clients in APAC, North America, Europe, UK, UAE & South America. Under his guidance, the company had witnessed 5X growth last year with higher profitability and a roadmap to launch www.thesalestalent.com in 2021. Prior to this, Prasad had served as Head – Global Leadership & Sales Hiring for Americas, UK, Europe regions for Tech Mahindra, a $4bn organization in IT Services Industry. His experience of working with both Industry & managing search businesses in India, UAE, US, Malaysia had laid a right foundation for long term success of the organization.

He carries deep industry knowledge and functional expertise with proven experience of identifying thought leaders who are best fit and can deliver impactful results for organizations. His passion for search business has helped vanquish the initial challenges and create a business model which had brought many awards & accolades to Renascence from WorldHRD Congress, APAC-Insider, TV5 News, Business Sights Magazine etc. Prasad earned a bachelor's degree in Commerce from Osmania University and holds a Management Degree from IIM Lucknow. He is also a Certified PPA Analyst from Thomas Assessments. 

Identifying Thought Leaders for Fortune 500 companies Globally

It is a boutique search firm identifying Thought Leaders for Fortune 500 companies Globally. The firm had a good start and did substantial business with no employees on board. Though soon enough, it had the appetite to hire a team and start exploring new markets. “At that point we realized that most organizations globally were engaging multiple partners to hire in multiple countries, adding to this our research showed most organizations are facing huge churn in Sales & Marketing functions and one of the key reasons being 70% organizations hire Sales professionals based on gut feel (based on experience and success in the past role). This is leading to professionals failing to perform”, Prasad asserts.

“Within a short span we had served more than 55 clients globally and have positioned candidates who are generating incremental revenue of $3mn to $1bn for their organisations every year”, Prasad boasts. It is on road to become a leading Search firm from India and the first to launch an exclusive career portal for Sales professionals in India. With Covid19 in picture, most companies are relying on virtual hiring and The Sales Talent career portal will help them hire astute sales professionals using its AI technology. “This will save huge cost for our clients and will open a new revenue stream for Renascence Talent”, Prasad says.

Renascence Talent was started with an aim to redefine the Global Talent Search space. “Our services would have helped organizations to engage with one single partner for all leadership hiring requirements Globally”, he asserts. This had presented the firm with the challenge of breaking the conventional approach of organizations working with local players only, outsider tag, management challenges, regulations and cultural barriers etc.  

However, its customer centric working philosophy has helped the firm surmount these challenges and it focused on countries where it could work with clients from India. The idea was to work aggressively to deliver the best results for the client and win their trust. Today it serves in 13 countries. 

The Coronavirus pandemic had hit the consulting industry hard, however like any other crises, it has also created opportunities for organisations who are proactive. Fortunately, we had been futuristic in our approach and strategy. Due to the Pandemic most of the organisations had to go back to the drawing board to create new strategy for hiring. Now that every hiring activity is virtual and this had created huge opportunity for its career portal www.thesalestalent.com. The firm is planning to launch it in early 2021. 

Emphasis on Diversity and inclusion remains

The Covid19 pandemic had hit consulting industry hard in the first quarter of 2020 financial year, but employers are back with their hiring plans and started hiring for key roles. “We have seen some organisations looking to cut costs whereas others expanding/creating new roles”, he says. The situation had led to cautious hiring and also created an opportunity for new roles in the organisations. With the new hiring strategy in place, all recruitment and onboarding activities are virtual, this means you will not meet any candidate personally and no human connect while onboarding. This is presenting organisations with new challenges, but as the acceptance is from both sides it has become bit easier to handle.

As we may not be able to meet anyone personally and will have to asses a candidate virtually, Psychometric assessment will be even more essential in hiring process. Managing stress, collaborative workstyle and social engagement (virtually) will be key attributes to look for during hiring process. Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence will drive most activities in consulting industry as well. This may result in automation, increase in quality of service, quick turnaround, transparency, wider market reach and surely will reduce biases.

The new model could be “Synergy for success” between two organisations in similar business to create a more effective business model with wider reach. The emphasis on Diversity and inclusion remains main focus for most organisations Globally. We see a surge in focused Diversity hiring for few roles.

For the firm’s success, Prasad gives full credit to his team for “we could achieve over last 4 years from being premium partner to our clients to winning multiple awards” like – APAC Best Global Leadership Hiring Firm from APAC Insider, Best Leadership search firm from WORLDHRD Congress, Top 20 promising Consulting firms by Silicon India, BS 10 Most Valuable Brands to Watch in 2020 etc.

Apart from his role at Renascence, Prasad ensures intermittent breaks so that he could follow his passion of sketching, reading, cooking, exercise, drive etc. This keeps him agile and helps remain in focus. As Azim Premji once said: "When the rate of change outside is more than what is inside, be sure that the end is near."

Awards and recognitions

  • In 2018, covered by yourstory for being a single segment focused organisation in hiring for Leadership & Sales roles
  • Rated as the 20 most promising recruitment firms in 2018 by Silicon India Magazine.
  • In 2019 & 2020, won APAC Insider Business Award for contribution in Global Leadership & Sales Hiring
  • Awarded the Best Recruitment Firm – Senior Management Roles By WORLDHRD CONGRESS in 2019
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