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Riding that extra lap for the love of racing - Aakash Rajshakha

Meet Dr. Aakash Rajshakha, a Gujarat based 28-year-old M.S General Surgeon, a professional motorcycle racer and a hobbyist horse rider

Published: Dec 14, 2020 12:29:32 PM IST
Updated: Dec 14, 2020 04:40:37 PM IST

Riding that extra lap for the love of racing - Aakash Rajshakha
‘Meant to run, born to bleed.’ A mantra that dons itself on Dr. Aakash’s Instagram bio. A mantra that sums him up perfectly. An individual who personifies dedication, hard work and consistency. Meet Dr. Aakash Rajshakha, a Gujarat based 28-year-old M.S General Surgeon, a professional motorcycle racer and a hobbyist horse rider. He spends his leisure time indulging himself in adventure motorsports and reading books. 

One glace at his website and Instagram profile and it’s easy to get a gist about his enormous passion for bikes and racing. Although a surgeon by profession this was something, he never really thought of becoming as a kid. He found himself inadvertently attracted towards bikes since his childhood and so the idea of wanting to ride bikes naturally captivated his mind. This passion turned into profession when he did his first motorcycle race in 2016, where he started 8th on the grid and finished 4th overall.

The biggest achievement in racing would be that in his debut year, where Dr. Aakash was on the podium. Later in 2018, he achieved a 3rd place finish in the AVT Gold Cup Endurance Race 300-400cc. Dr. Aakash was on the podium again when he finished 3rd in the 2019 PTT Superbike Bric Championship. Although motorcycle racing came very late to him, his rise in the field of motorcycle racing has been nothing short of meteoric and he has only grown in reputation as one of the pioneers in the field of professional bike racing.

Dr. Aakash believes consistency is the key to every locked door. Someone who considers physical fitness as an important part of his life, he makes sure he trains himself physically at least 5 days a week throughout the year. He firmly believes that to be a successful sportsman it’s important to combine strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and agility training. The professional life of any athlete is a short one anyway. So, he feels that it’s important to not shorten it even further by not taking care of your body.

He credits his father for the inheritance of planning his day to day activities and living an organized life. He believes compartmentalization of the day helps him to plan and execute multiple things.

He believes that the key is to not give up, and advices youngsters to do the same who aspire to be professional athletes. ‘No matter what hurdles you face in life, face them with all you have’ is the mantra he has always followed in life. As far as racing is concerned, he reckons it’s not an easy sport to master by any stretch of imagination but with constant practice on track and off-road tracks any budding racer can get better and one day be good enough to be a professional bike racer.

Dr. Aakash believes India has a long way to go when it comes to establishing bike racing as a premier sport. A lack of infrastructure coupled with a lack of awareness is one of the major reasons why racing is failing to grow as a sport in India but with the right investment and an increasing interest of today’s youth towards motorcycle racing, he is optimistic that the sport will have an upturn and eventually achieve its true potential in the country.

For more updates about professional bike racing, work out tips or a daily dose of motivation, follow Dr. Aakash (@aakashrajshakha) on Instagram or visit his website

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