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SAG Infotech: A Jaipur based TAX software provider earns fame nationally

SAG Infotech has continuously achieved a positive growth milestone every year in its client base successfully converting existing and potential leads.

Published: Jan 4, 2021 03:29:17 PM IST
Updated: Jan 5, 2021 11:26:12 AM IST

SAG Infotech: A Jaipur based TAX software provider earns fame nationally
Almost 1.5 crore citizens need secure and digitally safe direct tax filing services while the indirect tax filing services require much more than that as daily thousands of companies are piling up in the government database. To provide them with a filing software having little or no security is a huge risk after analyzing that the loopholes are way bigger than security walls.

SAG Infotech has achieved great feet in organizing the tax software companies and also made a commendable name in the filing services provider. The SAG Infotech first started its operations in 1999, around 2 decades ago, which can also be termed as a beginning era for software solutions.

Since then, the company hasn't seen backwards with more than 50,000+ plus clients till date ranging from all tax filing software including Genius software package, Gen GST software and company law software solutions. Starting from one-room premises, now the headquarters of SAG Infotech is situated at Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur behind the globally famous World Trade Park.

From the MD’S Desk

SAG Infotech’s Managing Director Mr Amit Gupta is a professional Chartered Accountant and has been working in the tax industry since his youth and personal expertise on financial and accountancy subjects.

“I have always assumed that the tax filing solution is the need for a country's vast taxation database and I being an entrepreneur must do something. I worked upon it and hence found success. I believe that the future of automation and cloud computing will rule the world and the same goes for software platforms. We have been working on converting our complete range of software on the cloud for the last couple of years and we are almost there” further added the MD.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Mr Amit Gupta is a chartered accountant himself, has developed the Gen GST software for the general public with his capabilities. He along with the knowledge of technology has offered a fine solution with easy accessibility and low maintenance.

Progressive Growth

SAG Infotech has continuously achieved a positive growth milestone every year in its client base. The increasing number of clients each year can also be credited to the country’s growing economy and thousands of companies and taxpayers which are coming into tax ambit daily. Thus, SAG Infotech has successfully converted those leads and has made those newcomers as its clients.

SAG Infotech has been hiring at an exponential rate since 2016 with around 500+ employees and dealer’s staff. The company has been hiring new employees with a good monthly average rate and as per following the NASSCOM guidelines.

SAG Infotech Software Pricing Strategy

SAG Infotech has achieved this tremendous success by planning a minimum pricing marginal plan. Accordingly, the company has very affordable products & services which has helped to cover a much wider client base. Also, the company focuses on customer handling and service, thus, charging the least marginal profit giving an advantage over other similar companies in the industry.

Gen GST Software: The Gen GST from SAG Infotech has all certifications and advantages which a prospective tax professional, taxpayer and business firm would ever want. Gen GST software has been Ranked top 10 in multiple press coverage and nationally renowned research-based portals.

Genius Software Package: The Genius Software package provides almost all the tax software that the whole tax industry and its professionals need on a basic level including Income tax, TDS.

Those multiple national and renowned associations certifications include ASSOCHAM, NASSCOM, CII, CAIT, ISO Certified, FICCI, the SAG Infotech has it all.

Pan India Presence

SAG Infotech created a well trusted and a long chain of dealer’s network all around the country with the majority in metro cities. The company has a wide range of dealer’s network in 100+ tier-II cities also which collectively acquires a large portion of tax-paying assesses and tax professionals.

The company appoints the dealers as per their capabilities to provide services to the clients at a good level, and it is a proud part of the dealer relationship that most of the dealers are with the company for decades.

Mr Gupta asserts, “Our overall turnover is split between the company and our dealers, which makes it a highly profitable deal for anyone who chooses to work with us or invest in our offerings. We are one of the most trusted companies in the tax segment. Our clients & partners rely completely on us and have been with us for many years. All our clients are an important asset of the company, who are valued and appreciated.”

Vocal For Local

Supporting the government’s initiative & to give a boost to the local economy while helping small & medium businesses in India, SAG Infotech has gone completely ‘Vocal for local’ by avoiding foreign investors & partners in considering the domestic tax data. This also ensures data protection from unwanted third-party access, as well as removes the need to share client data with foreign agencies/partners. Also, SAG

Infotech has been completely funded from its revenues since its inception, therefore prohibiting all debt scenarios.

Data Protection Agenda

SAG Infotech had earlier understood the risk involved in outsourcing the servers from foreign entities and also avoided partial investors to safeguard the data sharing contracts. Therefore, the company has pledged to keep taxpayer’s data within a secured database and has installed gigantic servers with FortiGate and encryptions to solidify the tax data of its clients.

“Today, SAG Infotech works dedicatedly on dozens of tax software which are further used by lakhs of taxpayers and professionals nationally. The software is server secured, timely updated and there is a daily inspection of the database by development teams & experts, as it is the matter of tax data.”

Better Than Other Development Companies

SAG Infotech was one of the first companies to deploy advanced frameworks in its software since the commencement of the company. The in-house development of all the software helps the company to quickly update the outgoing packages as soon as it intercepts any vulnerable issue. After software installation, the company provides round the clock support services and as per records, it has handled more than one million client support calls till date.

“For the past 6 years, we have been working on a framework which helps to make our applications platform-independent. Also, we are working on ERP, which will help SMEs to manage and grow their businesses,” emphasizes the MD.

SAG Infotech has thoroughly researched on Indian tax filing market and reported a vast opportunity in terms of taxpayers’ size and filing requirements. The company’s marketing team only performs follow-up on needy tax professionals and also handles their queries with trained support experts.


SAG Infotech is continuously investing in more & more tech solutions and security and monitors its target daily. The company has expanded a lot in recent years and promises to completely take over the tax software services with multiple add-ons and client services at its core.

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