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Take a #RentalHealthDay with Uber Rentals

Know what it is to live a stress-free life from Anil Kapoor, the ambassador of health. Sit back, relax and take a #RentalHealthDay, as he does, with Uber Rentals

Published: Apr 29, 2022 05:20:41 PM IST
Updated: Apr 29, 2022 07:02:07 PM IST

Take a #RentalHealthDay with Uber Rentals“Have feet will travel”, the old adage is more relevant today than ever before. It illustrates that if one has the will, interest and the ability to do something, that thing gets done no matter what. Whereas digital transformation may help us accomplish our goals remotely, there are times when you can’t suspend the laws of physics. Our work demands us to be physically present, often at multiple venues, throughout the day. If you own a car, finding a parking spot, among other things, can be utterly tedious. More so during these times of murderous summers.

Why not then have an option where all you need to do is focus on the tasks at hand for the day and let someone else worry about how to get you to your destinations? Uber Rentals, a new mobility option introduced in April does just that. It lets you retain a car for up to 12 hours and have multiple stops as you go.

The mantra that you deserve the best for yourself may be a clichéd one but more important than you think. Ask Anil Kapoor, a beacon of physical fitness who has been roped in as a brand ambassador of Uber Rentals. This jovial and light-hearted campaign, created in association with Dentsu Webchutney, harnesses Mr Kapoor’s sense of humour while showing how he conveniently skips everything that brings him stress.

The secret of his longevity and success in the film industry is not down to just keeping himself physically fit but also his choice of not picking up things that add stress. To borrow from a financial analogy, one shouldn’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Knowing where to spend your money (and energy) is perhaps more important than earning that sum.
Small wonder that Mr Kapoor touts the Uber Rentals service as something that the city desperately needs. “I truly believe that feeling on top of the world is not just about what you eat and how much you bench, it’s about making choices that allow you to live stress-free everyday; big and small decisions that become a lifestyle over time,” he said while sharing his thoughts about the #RentalHealthDay campaign that puts the new mobility option, “Uber Rentals” in the spotlight.

In the witty short commercial, Mr Kapoor makes light of unwanted stress, which has no place in his daily routine. Over many decades, he has wired himself to lead a life that focuses on getting things done without being a worrywart. Few people start their day by screaming “I’m on top of the world” like he does into the mirror. Critics and film reviews have no place in his life. “I don’t read reviews”, he says. After all, once a movie is in the can, it belongs to the audience. He’s done his bit. Why worry? “Basically whatever stresses me out, I skip it”.

Outsource your hassles

Indeed it is not about the commute but how effectively you use it to your advantage. Often, the cacophony of horns, the smoke, heat and the grime can be an awful distraction especially when you have a battery of appointments lined up that day. The stress of road travel has already reached epic proportions. Uber Rentals lets you outsource this strain while you sit in the backseat instead of behind the wheel.

That “health is wealth” is known to all. It is, in fact, taught in schools too. However, as we grow up, each of us have our own thresholds. For instance, why hire a single cab to get around the city? Isn’t that a luxury? It is not.
Be the best version of yourself

Uber Rentals does not offer you a day off from your busy day but it attempts to equip you to be at your best when you face your day. It provides the time-starved commuter a much-deserved time-out which will take the person to various destinations. It’s not a luxury but a vital utility to help you plan, think, relax and perhaps even catch a power nap.
As Mr Kapoor illustrates in the campaign: give it your best and don’t worry about the results. Skip the drive and take A #RentalHealthDay with Uber Rentals Try it. It might just do the trick for you too.

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