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The chosen path – from chartered accountant to spiritual coach

Anamika is an inspiration to all those women who step back from pursuing their passion

Published: Dec 15, 2020 11:15:42 AM IST

The chosen path – from chartered accountant to spiritual coach
Life surprises us in unexpected ways. Just when we are about to settle down happily, the Universe tests us with something new and unexpected. No matter what we  plan for ourselves, it is ultimately the Universe that seems to guide us. Therefore, one can say that we are but a medium, performing our preordained role in the universe.

But what if the Universe leaves it upon us to choose what we want ? What if we are able to manifest our lives, the way we want it to be. Would we move forward on our current path, or would we create an altogether new path for ourselves?

While some would seek comfort in their current path, there are some rare gems that take the road less travelled and realize their true potential, their true purpose and create their own fairy tale.

One such person is  Anamika Rana . A Chartered Accountant and a B.Com (Hons) graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. Anamika was drawn towards the field of spirituality from childhood.. 

After her graduation, she started to research spirituality and its various modalities. It was during her research that she saw that although spirituality is a major part of Indian culture and was mentioned in several ancient texts it is greatly misunderstood as a science. There were also many different approaches to spirituality mentioned in western texts as well. This started her quest of changing the prevalent mindset of people regarding spirituality and helping them broaden their horizons on the subject.

She continued to explore various spiritual modalities for the next few years and decided to learn Tarot Card, Numerology, Vastu and Pranic Healing. But when her family and friends found out about her interests, she got mixed responses. Many of her near and dear ones were concerned about her decision. They couldn’t understand why a school topper, who has studied in the best of colleges, was interested in something like spirituality. However she always had the steadfast support of her mother who encouraged her to seek out and build upon her passion.

Over a period of time she was able to build a large following of clients who consulted her on Tarot, Numerology, Meditation etc. It was a difficult path, managing both her job as an auditor at Big-4 consulting companies and her passion as a spiritual advisor over the weekends. After 5 years of working in the corporate sector, she decided to pursue her passion full time. It became her aim to share this knowledge across the globe and help people find their true purpose. She finds her purpose in exploring the various spiritual arts like Vastu, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Pranic Healing etc. and using her knowledge to help others reach their Karmic Destination.

Having served 100,000+ clients across the globe, Anamika is an inspiration to all those women who step back from pursuing their passion. She had everything which a normal person aspires for - a degree from a top college, a top qualification, a stable job but she still chose to follow her heart. To put in her words, “I wanted to change the perspective people hold towards spirituality and broaden their horizons. Walking down this path was something which gave me the satisfaction of helping people and also a sense of inner peace. It opened my mind towards new possibilities, new ways of thinking and helped me look towards life from a new lens.”

Anamika also founded Arika Creations through which she uses crystals as tools to help her clients align their energies in various aspects of their life. At the same time, she is also the founder of the online education platform Karmic Academy, where she offers online courses in various aspects of spirituality and conducts workshops for her students. This is inline with her goal of encouraging more people to reestablish their beliefs into spirituality and to help them achieve a state of peace and tranquility. 

Anamika’s ultimate goal is to impact 100 million people through her service and thereby enhance the positivity in not just our professional lives but in our personal lives too.

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