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The life of a genius: A talk with Barbod Masoumi

BitBod innovative system for public education

Published: Dec 30, 2021 12:31:25 PM IST
Updated: Dec 30, 2021 02:51:26 PM IST

The life of a genius: A talk with Barbod MasoumiBarbod Masoumi, who is known as BitBod these days, is one of the cryptocurrency geniuses in the world and one of the most popular influencers in the field of cryptocurrency in Iran and the Middle East. BitBod is not very talkative, does not appear much in public and tries to study in private and constantly think of new ideas. He has about one million followers on Instagram these days, and he has talked to his audience live three to four hours a day about cryptocurrency opportunities, and he has not felt tired, not even for a moment. We met BitBod in his office on a busy day and tried to ask him a few questions and have a conversation. This short talk has certainly been one of the most crucial cryptocurrencies Talks in 2021.

I learned cryptocurrency at the bodybuilding club!!

We asked BitBod where did you learn cryptocurrency and where did this story start? He laughed and said, "I did not know anything about cryptocurrency. And the truth is that I was training in a sports club and there was a person training there talking about bitcoin. I was very curious about what bitcoin was. It happened that one day the issue was discussed in the club and I joined a group of people who had gathered around that person and he told me that we could sit down at night and talk about this issue. What happened was that some of the information was transferred, but I later found out that the information that person had was not true at all, but it was a very interesting start for me, my character is a very consistent character. I mean, if something is interesting to me, I go for it and learn from it as much as I can. The day I started learning bitcoin, almost 99% of the world knew nothing about bitcoin and any information on the internet or in books What I received at the time was completely wrong. I was very confused. As I expanded my studies, I realized that the previous information was completely useless. Until I finally met a man who changed my life. Andreas Antonopoulos was the one whose books I came to understand bitcoin and cryptocurrency. And that was the beginning of a challenging path for me.

It was a long way from Barbod to BitBod

When we asked Barbod how he became BitBod, he paused and said, "Becoming BitBod has come a long way for me. Many people think that I will become a leading brand in the Middle East in one year with an Instagram page. But the truth is, it never was. I've had a lot of hard days. In the beginning, when I had no capital to start a business, I tried to convince others to give me money and invest in their money. I completely lost a lot of this money. But that's the essence of the market. This is the essence of success. You have to fail a lot to succeed. After some time of strengthening my knowledge, I came to the conclusion that the best way to earn money could be to transfer what I had learned during this time, and this led me to become a consultant. I have worked with many large companies in Iran and the Middle East and tried to prepare their minds for the new world they are facing. I was able to build great connections and improve my knowledge of other businesses. But in the end, there was a very important concern for me. In fact, I had seen a lot of training that I was sure was all right and could help many people get to know cryptocurrency in the best possible way, and that concern led me to go to Social Media and Creat BitBod. BitBod had many achievements for me. I had more than a hundred thousand students over the years and it is a great honor for me and now I am thinking about how I can shine in the international arena.

Cryptocurrency is a world without limits but Systematic

For most people who do not know much about cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is a very vague world that is likely to be scammed or used by many drug traffickers. But the truth is that cryptocurrency also has its own law. Incidentally, the law of cryptocurrency is a very clear law. Instead of looking at the negative side of things, you should think about the benefits of this new world. Cryptocurrency provides you with a very high level of security. On the other hand, it speeds up your life financial system. Well, if we put security and speed together, we see that we have two factors that improve the quality of life, namely security and speed, in a financial system, and that means a big change that we are going to take advantage of in the near future. When we think we can pay for our living with crypto, we enroll in kids' school with crypto. Pay for training courses. Conclude commercial contracts. Even on a larger scale, solving many of Supply Chain problems is what this new world certainly gives us. So, it is enough to change our attitude.

Collective intelligence and education; BitBod innovative system for public education

BitBod has developed a very special educational system that has no precedent in the world. When we asked him about this, he said with great enthusiasm:

In seminars, I have repeatedly pointed out that the world's greatest entrepreneur is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Why? Because not only did he have a unique idea, but he also believed in collective intelligence. When you believe that collective intelligence is more powerful than individual intelligence, you can get amazing results. On the issue of education, I came to the conclusion that collective intelligence can create the perfect education. In fact, the issue of education is a matter of taste. If you give a joint training to a thousand people, each of them will learn a unique point from that joint training, but when you involve a thousand people in teaching, it will create a perfect training on one issue. In the fundamental classes, which I hold in the Telegram space, after several sessions, I asked people to appear in the role of a teacher and take charge of the class. After a while, I realized how much more powerful my students are than I am, and I learned a lot from them. Collective intelligence can change the fate of the world. I believe in this.

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