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This gaming college in India is revolutionising gaming education

Backstage Pass is not only a college but a systematic guide for knowledge in game development and the games industry throughout time

Published: Jun 16, 2020 02:12:21 PM IST
Updated: Jun 17, 2020 05:41:09 PM IST

This gaming college in India is revolutionising gaming education
The gaming industry began in the late 20th century but it did not achieve prominent traction until the early 2000s. Now surpassing the movies and music industry, gaming is the fastest-growing entertainment industry in the world. But in India, real growth began about a decade ago. Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology, from its inception in 2010, has evolved alongside the industry. The gaming companies in India rose from a mere 25 to 300, and the students in Backstage Pass rose from 10 students to almost 400 students in the past 10 years.

Backstage Pass is founded by Surya Prakash, who has 18 years’ experience in this field, with the vision of providing international standards of gaming education for game enthusiasts of all socio-economic backgrounds. They follow a mentorship approach that gives each student personalized guidance and supervision. The reputation of Backstage Pass grew vastly in the industry for providing stellar education, as they teach the fundamentals of each concept. Their attention to detail during each student's journey in Backstage Pass leads to the students turning into stellar game developers with advanced skillset.

Additionally, many seminars and workshops are conducted each semester by industry veterans to offer students valuable knowledge about industry standards for work. Students with innovative ideas are encouraged to build games under the mentors' guidance and supervision. These games will be marketed and published by the college. The revenue generated from such games is shared amongst the team to motivate the students to learn more and build better games.

Backstage Pass has always dealt with tough times with utmost care and efficiency. The same goes for the lockdown presently. All classes are being held online and finished in the correct time frame. Mentors are available almost at all times of the day to resolve any doubts that students may have regarding their classes or otherwise.

Over the years, they introduced many value-add programs to further their mission of providing gaming education to all passionate game enthusiasts. They started scholarships for merit students and women. They also provide low-interest rate student loans for any students that may require it.

All these practices and programs are carried out so that their students may rise to great heights. As predicted, the alumni reaped the benefits of practical learning under close mentorship by settling in lucrative jobs at the top game MNCs both nationally and internationally. Many alumni with entrepreneurial skills have founded their own studios from which award winning games have been published. Their alumni have a far reach as they are present in most parts of the globe.

The Backstage Pass community, consisting of all the mentors, alumni and current students, always looks out for one another. The college has supported many students by funding their participation in international game development competitions. The students will be able to contact any alumni through the college for any help. The college administration is always in touch with past students. In fact, at any point in their career, if any graduates would like to refresh their memory or learn any skills being taught in the college, they are welcomed into the classroom.

Backstage is not only a college but a systematic guide for knowledge in game development and for a career in the games industry throughout time.


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