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Treating hairloss patients online globally, Dr SKS Hair Growth Booster solution is a new ray of hope

Although they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it can also be accurately reimagined that "Beauty is in the hands of your doctor"

Published: Jan 30, 2023 11:53:38 AM IST
Updated: Jan 30, 2023 03:16:52 PM IST

Treating hairloss patients online globally, Dr SKS Hair Growth Booster solution is a new ray of hope

Dr Stuti Khare Shukla

Hairloss is a global problem affecting millions in the country. It could be genetic, autoimmune, hormonal and sometimes life style related. Trained at Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Dr Stuti Khare Shukla after pursuing her Masters in Dermatology was in a mission to formulate product to reverse baldness and hair issues.

A very intense research and FDA approval led to the formulation of DR SKS Hair Growth Booster serum. Today it is a definitive destination that has now become a ray of hope for patients suffering from myriadhair issues globally.

Treatment offers a wide spectrum of solutions for alopecia aereta, male pattern baldness, genetic baldness, female pattern baldness, this new non-surgical innovations in the field of hair sciences have promising solution for everybody.

The signature non-surgical, Hair Growth Booster®is the most popular“five-minute miracle treatment” which is easy and can be done at the comfort of your home; yet the results are the stuff your dreams are made of!!

This FDA approved solution is a fantastic treatment option instead of undergoing painful hair transplant surgery. This is a hair growth hope for millions who are suffering from baldness & hair loss issues, thereby eliminating the need of undergoing any painful surgery.

For their phenomenal non-surgical hair regrowth results, the clinic has also received tremendous acclaim through multiple healthcare awards in the medical field of “Hair Sciences for Excellence in Non-Surgical Hair Restoration.”

“Dr SKS Elements of Aesthetics” are a well-established chain, in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Nagpur but the best part it also has online platform which is an integral part in treating patients globally.

Having received international acclaim & transforming the lives of numerous patients suffering from the most dreadful hair loss issues across the globe, their popularity has soared across international borders with patients queuing up from the United States, Canada, Australia, Middle Eastern countries, and Asia. Even during the ongoing pandemic situation, their online presence has benefitted theirever-expanding clientele worldwide.

Many patients for whom hair transplantation surgeries cannot be performed due to advanced baldness, are too being treated satisfactorily!Cases of hereditary hair loss, rare genetic conditions, hormonal & PCOD related hair loss and highly damaged and advanced cases have been successfully treated.They have managed to ensure that this miraculous treatment remains affordable & shows quick results (as soon as 45 days). They have successfully treated over 40,000 cases and counting!

The extraordinary non-surgical hair growth results of patients who trust the ground-breaking treatments is the reason why they explicitly display a marked difference in their appearance and return with friends and family.

Trailblazing Successes

Mr Tyler Swiss, a patient once suffering grade 6 baldness from Texas, USA was amazed with his hair growth treatment outcomes. He had lost all hope, until hewent to the Elements of Aesthetics Clinic through the online consultation. He says it was a life-changing experience, he could see great improvement in hair density and could restore the hairline in 6 months.

A mother and son duo, Mrs Laxmi Kurve and Prashant Kurve, who were suffering from whole body hair loss problem, shared their emotional story on howthey were treated despite their bad hair alopecia aereta condition within 2 months. “Dr SKS hair Booster has been our saviour and Goddess in disguise. We are now living an equally dignified life,” said Mrs Kurve.

To know more about Dr SKS Hair Booster, you can check the website and Instagram page @dr.stutikhareshukla

Website: https://www.drstutikhareshukla.in/

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