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Yellow Tail Training the next generation of IT pros

Yellow Tail puts a strong emphasis on teaching Linux and AWS Cloud Engineering

Published: Oct 26, 2020 04:36:00 PM IST
Updated: Oct 26, 2020 04:39:15 PM IST

The field of information technology has been a gold mine of jobs in the past couple of years. With more and more organizations switching to digital tools for business operations, tech jobs have grown in supply. And with unemployment becoming a prevalent problem globally once again with the pandemic-induced recession, Yellow Tail! hopes to prepare job seekers for future employment by training them to become IT professionals.

Yellow Tail! is an educational company that focuses primarily on helping people with no IT background learn how to break into the tech job market. The training company focuses on training people in Linux Systems and AWS Cloud Engineering. As experts in this field, they have helped hundreds of people develop the skills necessary to land technology jobs in record time.

The company's founder, Jubee Vilceus, started the training company to solve a big market problem. The Maryland-based tech expert found a great disbalance in terms of program pricing and curriculum management. Most boot camp programs he found were either too expensive and too short or too cheap and ineffective. Responding to the demand, he decided to develop a program that would prepare people for new careers in six months.

Yellow Tail!'s flagship program is called Linux-For-Jobs™. The training helps people break into IT Systems Engineering jobs by training them in the four basic building blocks of Linux Engineering. The company delivers Linux-For-Jobs™ by delivering personalized virtual live training with a community of industry-certified instructors who also provide mentoring. The program also delivers an internship program that gives people the job experience that the market requires. Currently, the program stands at a 92 percent success rate.

The EdTech company has over seven years of pairing aspiring tech professionals with some of the industry's best engineers and instructors. What sets the program apart is its approach to learning. While most courses are self-paced, studies show that up to 90 percent of on-demand courses never get finished. "We have an airtight process that produces results," shares Jubee Vilceus. "We take you literally from zero to job-ready without leaving any stone unturned. We give you the fundamentals to ground your knowledge."

Yellow Tail! puts a strong emphasis on teaching Linux and AWS Cloud Engineering, given that these two focuses are some of the hottest skills needed today. Nine out of ten Fortune 500 companies and government agencies today use Linux as an operating system. AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, is also an in-demand trade competence to have given that Amazon is easily one of the largest companies on the planet today. To date, there are over one million job openings in the field of IT. That number is only going to grow with time. Moreover, a tech professional's median salary range is $119,373, making the career path a highly rewarding one in a financial sense.

On top of their high success rate, the company also provides a tuition reimbursement program for students who don't land jobs after their program. Yellow Tail! stands firmly by its mission to help people gain meaningful employment through high-quality and all-encompassing training that prepares every student for information technology jobs. They hope that by providing more of these programs, they can help more people land stable and high-paying tech jobs and create a better living standard for them and their families.


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