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Jungle safari comes home with board game Kaadoo

Anil Kumble's older sibling conceptualises board game that aims to introduce children to the joys of wildlife

Harichandan Arakali
Published: Mar 12, 2016 06:24:18 AM IST
Updated: Mar 11, 2016 06:17:25 PM IST
Jungle safari comes home with board game Kaadoo

An educational board game conceptualised by Dinesh Kumble, founder of the bootstrapped Krab Media, aims to introduce children to the joys of a jungle safari. Kaadoo, which means a jungle or forest in Kannada, is targeted at six to 16-year-olds and can be played by four people at a time.

It is available in two editions: Spots And Stripes (Rs 900), which takes players through the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve where you could spot a black panther with the roll of a dice, and Migration Mania (Rs 1,125) that takes players through the East African savannah, which sees some of the most spectacular migration of wild animals every year.

Players move along the jungle trails on the board. You might encounter a fallen tree across the track, leading to a missed turn, or a pair of parakeets instructing the player to pick a card. Each card has a photo of an animal or a bird, providing information about the species. There are 100 cards, all of which were originally hand-crafted. Their replicas are now mass produced.

Krab Media employees went on a safari in the Bandipur forests of Karnataka as part of the product development process. Anil Kumble’s older sibling, who is also a wildlife photographer, plans to introduce 16 more editions that will explore wildlife in different parts of the planet.

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