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Elon Musk Sets Sights on OpenAI's ChatGPT with New AI Start-Up

Elon Musk is reportedly in discussions with his current investors in SpaceX and Tesla regarding their potential involvement in his upcoming AI start-up

Shashank Bhardwaj
Published: Apr 17, 2023 11:02:46 AM IST

Elon Musk Sets Sights on OpenAI's ChatGPT with New AI Start-UpImage: AFP PHOTO / TED CONFERENCES / Ryan LASH​

Elon Musk is reportedly preparing to build a new generative artificial intelligence (AI) start-up that will compete with ChatGPT- brought forth by Microsoft's OpenAI. This information comes from a report published by the Financial Times

It has been reported that the billionaire entrepreneur is hiring AI researchers and engineers and that he has placed an order with the technology company Nvidia for thousands of high-powered GPU processors. These processors are required to construct large language models that can generate writing, images, and videos indistinguishable from those produced by humans. It is also being reported that Musk is engaging in discussions with investors in his other enterprises, such as Tesla and SpaceX, over the financing of this new endeavor.

According to the FT, sources have confirmed that the new AI startup is a "genuine" concept that has garnered significant funding and interest. Reportedly, Musk has engaged Igor Babuschkin, a former employee of DeepMind AI, to head up a team of researchers in the new firm. He is also recruiting engineers from leading artificial intelligence research facilities like DeepMind.

Generative artificial intelligence aims to generate media like text, photos, videos, and audio using machine learning. Instead of just evaluating and acting on the existing data, it may also generate new content. According to a survey by Brainy Insights, the generative AI market will expand from $8.65 billion in 2018 to $188.62 billion in 2032, at an annual growth rate of more than 36 percent. 

Musk has dabbled in artificial intelligence before. He helped found OpenAI back in 2015; however, he stepped off the board in 2018 due to philosophical differences. In recent months, Musk has also been vocal in his criticism of OpenAI, claiming the business is putting up too many barriers to prevent ChatGPT from delivering results that could divide or offend its customers.

Musk's portfolio already includes Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company, a startup that provides infrastructure and tunnel-building services. His possible foray into the generative AI industry would be yet another discerned feather added to his crown. According to the Wall Street Journal, he also registered X.AI Corp, an artificial intelligence business.

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