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Avascular necrosis

Dr. D.K Rao describes the different aspects of Avascular Necrosis: induction, prevention and treatment

Published: Sep 29, 2022 11:22:03 AM IST

Avascular necrosisAvascular necrosis is a disease that results from the temporary or permanent loss of blood supply to the bone resulting in the death of bone tissue. Avascular necrosis is a painful bone condition that worsens over time, impairs mobility, and reduces the overall quality of life of the affected person. People who have avascular necrosis can also develop severe osteoarthritis.

The most prominent factors inducing avascular necrosis include breakage or damage of bone, dislocation of joints, radiation therapy, prolonged use of steroids, medical conditions, and alcohol abuse.

The treatment depends on the severity of the ailment and the amount of damage to the bones. Medicaments like blood thinners, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and cholesterol drugs are generally prescribed to treat the condition. However, most people need surgical procedures such as bone grafts, osteotomy, core decompression, or total joint replacement to obtain desired health outcomes.

Treatment can slow the progress of avascular necrosis, but there is no cure. Therefore, preventive strategies are the first-line measures for managing avascular necrosis. Monitoring and controlling the risk factors, limiting alcohol consumption, opting for a healthy diet, and following an apt lifestyle are vital aspects of the prevention of avascular necrosis.

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