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Be active: every bit helps

Dr Rajeev discusses the role of daily physical activity and a balanced diet to stay happy and healthy

Published: Mar 4, 2022 05:44:19 PM IST
Updated: Mar 4, 2022 06:58:00 PM IST

Be active: every bit helpsBeing active makes a person healthy and joyous. Physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for non-communicable diseases such as obesity, ischaemic heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, depression and mortality.

In today’s fast-moving world people hardly have the time for themselves and their health, which in the long run is affecting their physical and mental health. Sitting long in front of screens, eating any junk is available at the desk and having poor sleeping habits are making people more aggressive, agitated, decreasing concentration and overall performance. All this can be overcome by regular physical activity. Regular physical activity reduces stress levels, provides good physical, mental and musculoskeletal health. Helps to sleep well and provide balance and coordination in the elderly population. It increases longevity and helps in healthy ageing. Physical activity has multifaceted benefits which include health benefits, social and economic benefits

So, it's time for a wake-up call, leave all your past and start fresh and new. Take a few steps into the fresh air and breath in, feel your presence and slowly make it your daily routine. Walk more, eat less, eat healthy and sleep well. This video presents the importance of each step taken towards healthy living, which in turn adds quality to your healthy and happy future.

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