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Top 10 most searched memes in 2023 in India, according to Google Trends

From the infectious 'Moye Moye' to the iconic 'Elvish Bhai,' we reveal 2023's top trending memes in India that made everyone laugh

Published: Dec 22, 2023 05:34:19 PM IST
Updated: Dec 26, 2023 03:47:59 PM IST

Top 10 most searched memes in 2023 in India, according to Google Trends

Gone are the days when linguistic barriers or cultural nuances confined humour. Memes have bridged those divides with their blend of visuals, catchphrases, and shared experiences. They have created a universal language that transcends geographical and demographic boundaries. Further, memes have even offered a beacon of hope in tough times, allowing us to laugh together. With that in mind, it is time to rewind and rediscover 2023’s top trending memes in India.

Top 10 trending memes in India 2023

We have compiled a list of this year’s top 10 trending memes in India, with data taken from Google Trends.

Rank and Meme Name Month, They Were Trending
#1 Bhupendra Jogi meme October
#2 So Beautiful, So Elegant meme October
#3 Moye Moye meme November
#4 Aayein meme October
#5 Aukat Dikha Di meme November
#6 Ohio meme March
#7 The Boys meme January
#8 Elvish Bhai meme October
#9 The Waffle House New Host meme January
#10 Smurf Cat meme September

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Deeper insights into 2023’s trending memes in India

Let’s check out the trending memes in India in more detail.

1) Bhupendra Jogi meme

Ranking first among the top Indian memes this year was an interview clip of Bhupendra Jogi captured in 2018 during the Madhya Pradesh elections. In the clip, Jogi was being interviewed, and his name was asked. He confidently replied, ‘Bhupendra Jogi’ and then claimed that the road conditions in Madhya Pradesh were better than those in America. The interviewer then asks if he has visited America and the names of the places he has been to. Jogi misunderstands the question and responds with his own name, ‘Bhupendra Jogi,’ unintentionally making the whole interaction hilarious.

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2) So Beautiful, So Elegant meme

The internet buzzed with the phrase “So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!” a few months back. This iconic line was part of a fancy pitch from a sales agent named Jasmine Kaur for the clothing she was selling. She caught the attention of the internet with her descriptions of colours like ‘Laddu Peela,’ ‘mouse colour’, and ‘Kaleji colour.’ Being one of the most popular Indian memes this year, it also gripped the attention of celebrities like Deepika Padukone. Composer and YouTuber Yashraj Mukhate made a catchy song remix around her sales pitch lines.

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3) Moye Moye meme

The ‘Moye Moye’ trend was another of the most popular Indian memes this year. The tune originated from the chorus of the song ‘Džanum’ by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora. The song first went viral on the social media platform TikTok but soon spread across all other platforms. Countless memes, parodies, and comic dance reels were created using this song. Surprisingly, the internet mistook the words ‘Moje More’ (pronounced as ‘Moye More’) of the song as ‘Moye Moye’ and went with the flow. Even the Delhi Police participated in the ‘Moye Moye’ trend in their way.

4) Aayein meme

A single-word response by Aditya Kumar, a sixth-standard boy from Bihar, had recently gone viral on social media. His perplexed expression and reply, ‘Aayein?’ after being asked about his favourite subject sparked laughter across the country. It did not end there. When the interviewer asked again, the boy misunderstood the word ‘subject’ for ‘sabji’ (Vegetable) and replied ‘Baigan’ (Brinjal). The funny interaction became so popular that it ranked among the top trending memes in India.

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5) Aukat Dikha Di meme

‘Aukat Dikha Di’ means ‘to put someone in their place’ or ‘make someone realise their true worth’. The phrase became trendy last month as people used it to capture the relatable essence of surprise and unexpected revelations. The viral reels feature a clip from Tamil superstar Suriya’s movie with the audio of the Bhojpuri song Dafa 406 by Chhotu Shikari.

6) Ohio meme

The ‘Can’t even X in Ohio’ or ‘Only in Ohio’ meme gained popularity earlier this year. It originated from a 2016 joke when a social media account shared a bus announcement board displaying “Ohio will be eliminated”. In the new memes, people shared bizarre photos and videos with captions like “only in Ohio” or “can’t even, in Ohio.” The phrase is meant to be humorous and satirical towards Ohio and its residents while celebrating its unique and distinctive character.

7) The Boys meme

The Boys meme was created by the fans of the superhero TV show named “The Boys.” The reels based on this meme usually feature male friends engaging in mischievous activities when faced with different situations.

8) Elvish Bhai meme

The Elvish Bhai meme came from a fan of YouTuber and Big Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav. The viral clip features the fan saying, “Arrey Elvish bhai ke aage koi bol sakta hai kya,” with maximum enthusiasm. The fan’s reaction created significant buzz on every social media platform, ranking among the most popular Indian memes this year.

9) The Waffle House New Host meme

The ‘Waffle House Has Found Its New Host’ meme swept the internet in early 2023. The trend was started by YouTuber Jonny RaZeR’s followers when he posted a YouTube Short asking his viewers to gaslight the internet. He asked them to comment ‘Waffle House Has Found Its New Host’ in seemingly random videos, regardless of their content. The comments soon spread across TikTok and YouTube. Some people even continued the trend without knowing the reason behind it.

10) Smurf Cat meme

The Smurf Cat meme is a comical portrayal of a cat resembling a blue smurf with a mushroom hat. In the meme, the cat is walking with a snail on its back, with the Alan Walker song “The Spectre” playing in the background. The particular lyrics being played are “We live, we love, we lie.” The meme creates a quirky contrast between the song’s seriousness and the cat’s comical appearance.