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From Melbourne to Vancouver, these are the world's coolest streets in 2024

Find out why Time Out's picks are worth a stroll

Published: Mar 21, 2024 04:56:17 PM IST
Updated: Mar 21, 2024 05:59:30 PM IST

From Melbourne to Vancouver, these are the world's coolest streets in 2024High Street, Melbourne. Image credit: Shutterstock

In its pursuit of uncovering the most vibrant streets around the globe, Time Out has tapped into its network of local expert editors and contributors to compile a list of the world's coolest streets for 2024. To curate the list, the global media company delved into culinary diversity, cultural richness, nightlife vibrancy, and community spirit. Here are the top five picks to check out that are ripe for exploration on your next travel escapade.

1. High Street, Melbourne

High Street in Melbourne, Australia, runs through trendy areas like Northcote, Thornbury, and Preston. It is easy to get to the CBD using the 86-tram line. High Street is known for its cool vibe and lots of different shops and places to eat. You'll find everything from bars and cosy cafes to cute cinemas and fun food trucks. It's a great spot for a day trip in Melbourne.

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From Melbourne to Vancouver, these are the world's coolest streets in 2024Hollywood Road, Hong Kong. Image credit: Shutterstock

2. Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

Hollywood Road, one of Hong Kong's oldest streets, has been a vibrant spot since 1844, cutting through Central and Sheung Wan. Now, it's a trendy area with lots of new places to explore. You can explore the historic Man Mo Temple and check out old buildings that have been turned into arts and culture spaces. It's great for antique fans, foodies, and art lovers.

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3. East Eleventh, Austin

East Eleventh in Austin, Texas, embodies the city's essence. It's perfect for foodies seeking unique culinary experiences and coffee enthusiasts craving top-notch brews. It is also an ideal spot for those wanting to soak in the atmosphere of a historic venue.

4. Guatemala Street, Buenos Aires

Guatemala Street in Buenos Aires boasts two recently acclaimed restaurants, Don Julio among them. Situated in the heart of the historic Palermo Viejo neighbourhood, this street represents Argentine meat culture with its rich traditions of breeding and grilling. The lively atmosphere envelops Guatemala Street, creating a welcoming ambience for all.

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From Melbourne to Vancouver, these are the world's coolest streets in 2024Commercial Drive, Vancouver. Image credit: Shutterstock

5. Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Commercial Drive in East Vancouver is a lively community hub with lots to offer. It's known for its diverse dining, shopping, and nightlife scene. Visitors can enjoy exploring 22 blocks filled with over 300 unique shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, making Commercial Drive a must-visit for a truly special Vancouver experience. The area's highlight is its Little Italy section.

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