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Legendary restaurant elBulli will host two guests for one special night

For foodies, Airbnb's latest coup is undoubtedly the most desirable. That's because it involves the worldwide phenomenon elBulli, the famous Spanish restaurant in Roses, Catalonia

Published: Apr 12, 2024 04:15:25 PM IST

Legendary restaurant elBulli will host two guests for one special night Two guests will have the chance to spend the night at elBulli Image: Marc Ensenyat / Marc/Morera / Airbnb©

Transformed into a museum that has been open to the public since June 2023, the legendary Spanish restaurant will become, for one night, a hotel. Accommodation giant Airbnb has landed a partnership with visionary chef Ferran Adria for a most unusual experience.

Spend a night sleeping beneath the Louvre's signature pyramid, or in Barbie's house in California, get cozy in chef Jean Imbert's chic cabin in Brittany, France or embrace minimalism in a typical Japanese house usually closed to tourists, or let sleep envelop you n the very heart of Paris's Opéra Garnier. In recent years, Airbnb has come up with a multitude of original experiences that boost its publicity campaigns while also offering travelers an opportunity to access locations largely out of reach to most of us. For foodies, the latest coup from the accommodation giant is undoubtedly the most desirable. That's because it involves the worldwide phenomenon elBulli, the famous Spanish restaurant located in Roses, Catalonia. The address is considered to have been the most innovative eatery in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when it was led by its legendary chef Ferran Adria, lauded as one of the most visionary chefs of his time.

The restaurant closed back in July 2011, but it will exceptionally reopen its doors, not to serve dinner but rather as a spot to spend the night! A special bed has even been specifically designed to accommodate the lucky pair, who will get to fall asleep in a 'plated' structure that evokes the shape of the legendary elBulli spherical olive, Ferran Adria's legendary molecular creation. They will also have access to the spaces where the chef and his kitchen brigade created the dishes. There's even talk of "the pantry chapel" and "the shrine to Saint Stomak." When it comes to the evening meal, the Airbnb guests may feel frustrated at not being able to sample these famous molecular recipes but they're in for a treat as instead, Ferran Adria will take them to one of his favorite restaurants in Roses, as well as, the next day, to the eatery of his brother, Albert Adria, who runs Enigma in Barcelona.

The trip will take place from October 16 to 17 and is free of charge, however, guests will be responsible for their own transportation. Interested parties are invited to register for this unique experience on the ElBulli 1846 page.

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Why elBulli remains a legend in the world of restaurants

In 2018, Amazon Prime Video, the e-commerce giant's streaming service, devoted a documentary to the history of the elBulli restaurant. And the story is exceptional. With a menu generally structured around 35 courses, the gastronomic experience was full of  surprises. To fully enjoy the experience, customers had to put all their preconceived notions about eating on hold. Not only were the dishes a feast for the eyes, but they also challenged the way we think about the textures and flavors of ingredients. Each day, 300 products were presented in a culinary sequence that helped us understand the principles of molecular gastronomy. Awarded three Michelin stars in 1997, Ferran Adria not only wanted to make a lasting impression, but also to encourage his customers to reflect on all dimensions of taste.

Since June 15, 2023, this restaurant, which has seen many of the world's greatest culinary talents, such as Danish chef René Redzepi and Spanish cooking star José Andrés, pass through its kitchens, has been inviting foodies to continue this reflection in a different fashion, as it has been redesigned as a museum. A guided tour of over two hours allows visitors to learn more about the approach of Ferran Adria, who won the title of "World's Best Restaurant" five times for his Roses restaurant. Photos and notebooks are used throughout the tour. Visitors can see for themselves what elBulli's dishes looked like, thanks to plastic or resin reproductions based on the Japanese "shokuhin sampuru" technique.

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