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Our top reads of the week

From 'Asish Mohapatra's incredible journey with OfBusiness,' to 'Disney+Hotstar's tall ambition' and 'Sunil Chhetri's leadership mantra,' here are the top reads of the week from Forbes India

Published: Aug 7, 2021 09:30:00 AM IST
Updated: Aug 7, 2021 10:44:45 AM IST

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Our top reads of the week1) From incredulous to incredible
Experience as a venture capitalist is no guarantee of success for an investor turned entrepreneur. In 2016, former Matrix Partners VC Asish Mohapatra's funding pitch got rejected 73 times. Mohapatra kept answering four big questions from potential investors until he found someone who believed in his answers. After five years, his B2B ecommerce venture OfBusiness has become the latest unicorn on the block. Read More

Our top reads of the week2) Bull run
Disney+Hotstar has been dominating the Indian subscriber base with its sports offerings. But it made a late entry to the original content arena with new stories—Special Ops, Criminal Justice, and Aarya. Happy with their growth so far, the streaming service now has the ambition to be on all the 600 million-plus smartphones in the country. Read More

Our top reads of the week3) Hefty price tag
Hosting the Olympics seems like a matter of pride on the surface. But behind that glitter of medals tally, the Games is the push for tourism, job creation, and bolstering the economy. Does it always work out in the favour of the host? Not always. Here are some numbers that paint the real picture of multi-decadal debt, deeper financial crises, and more. Read More


Our top reads of the week
1) Building up heroes
Darrell Foster is known as the man who worked with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and transformed Will Smith into Mohammed Ali for the silver screen. There is a method to his madness and it involves thousands of meticulous steps. In conversation with Forbes India, he talks about rebuilding Farhan Akhtar for Toofan, and asks how you'd live your dash. Read More

Our top reads of the week
2) Minting money
The pandemic is a crisis for many but it turned out to be a massive opportunity for tech giants. They took full advantage of global shutdowns and grew by $3.4 trillion collectively. But do you know how much revenue they generate per minute? From Amazon to Netflix, here's how much big techs earn every minute. Read More

Our top reads of the week
3) Women in entrepreneurship... not a rosy picture in India, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2020-21. On the list of 43 countries surveyed, India is in the bottom ranks when it comes to female activity in entrepreneurship. Find out where we stand and what motivates desi entrepreneurs. Read More

Our top reads of the week
4) From the Field
Not a lot of leaders talk about grooming their successors. Indian men's football team captain Sunil Chhetri, however, is not one of them. This desi sporting legend only has the betterment of the game for India on his mind and wants younger generations to be better than Sunil Chhetri. This, and more pearls of wisdom from the skipper in the latest episode of From the Field. Read More