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Wodehouse Capital Advisors launches exclusive investment network

The Wodehouse Investment Network (WIN) plans to offer investment opportunities in the startup, real estate, art and collectibles space

Varsha Meghani
Published: Jun 19, 2017 12:49:46 PM IST
Updated: Jun 19, 2017 02:22:07 PM IST

Wodehouse Capital Advisors launches exclusive investment network
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Wodehouse Capital Advisors, a multi-family office and mid-market focussed investment bank has launched an investment network for high net worth individuals (HNIs).

The Wodehouse Investment Network (WIN), as it is being called, is an invitation-only network that will offer wealthy individuals selective investment opportunities in the commercial and luxury space.

“We are constantly meeting investors, all of whom do not become multi-family office (MFO) clients for us. On the investment banking side too, we’re constantly talking to promoters. But the minimum size we look at in terms of raising money for them or divesting should be $15 million. Many of them don’t meet this threshold,” explains Sraboni Haralalka, co-founder and executive director, Wodehouse Capital Advisors.

WIN was created to leverage on the synergies of both businesses—the MFO as well as the investment banking arm, she says. The platform will offer members of the network curated investment opportunities in the startup space, high-end real estate space, art and collectibles space, as well as other non-traditional avenues. The initial due diligence will be done by the Wodehouse team. The company claims to have already roped in over 200 investors into the WIN network.

At the launch event on Friday, a number of ideas including those of startups working in the peer-to-peer lending space and in artificial intelligence, as well as in the art arena were presented to the attendees. “The opportunities were exciting and it was good to interact with the entrepreneurs. Platforms like these help to get first-hand information and if found interesting one can take the discussions ahead,” says Mitul Sanghavi, director at Akry Organics, a producer and marketer of ethylene glycols who attended the event. 

The platform also seeks to be an “impartial peer-to-peer networking forum”. According to Manmohan Tiwana, managing director and CEO, Wodehouse Capital Advisors, “WIN is a great way to invest, as it allows you to do so in a social environment and also earns you profits at the same time.” Aside from offering investment opportunities, WIN will offer its members “various luxuries and lifestyle-related products” such as access to high-end event and conferences organised by Wodehouse Capital Advisors.
Founded in 2010, Wodehouse Capital Advisors manages the personal and business assets of HNIs and ultra-HNIs. It also advises them on legacy and succession planning. Its investment banking arm focusses on large- to mid-market corporations across industries and international markets.