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Early-Movers Move The World Of Technology

Published: Jan 29, 2018 07:17:26 AM IST
Updated: Mar 12, 2019 12:34:02 PM IST

Early-Movers Move The World Of Technology
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Irrespective of size, age, industry and geography—digitally agile companies have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years.  Success stories include areas such as ride-hailing, food delivery, online shopping and m-banking to name a few. But have you ever noticed which businesses derived unmatched advantages from these technological innovations? The simplest answer is—those who treated modern technologies as enablers rather than perceiving technological adaptations as a means to survive.

Indeed, the first-mover advantages are unparalleled.

Taking calculated risks, investing in right kinds of technologies and intelligent talent acquisition have been the success mantras of digitally agile companies over the last few years.

While every business thrives on the loyalty of its partners and customers, a few have had technology play a far-ranging impact on the businesses in the past decade. The development of mobile combined with machine learning has lent the much-needed impetus to the ‘technological-age’. The internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart devices along with their innumerable possibilities have been a total game-changer.

Companies have started leveraging technology to deliver a better experience at rock bottom prices. Automated and efficient supply chains have made this possible. Mobile has given companies a front row seat in the lives of their customers with hundreds of data points collected daily.
With  the possibilities of integrating technology in business being limitless,  it forces organisations to adopt a technology-first approach in planning and executing any new initiative. Data is precious.and technology is needed to collect it and make it actionable. Security is another major issue every company looks to address, whether it is customer data or their own. Organisations need to continually upgrade their tech-stack if they want to stay relevant and secure. Building technological prowess and nurturing a tech team to continuously deliver is an ongoing challenge.

Today, companies need a trusted partner to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of technology. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hire the best talent for every role and to develop everything in-house. Increasing competition from global companies and other technically advanced new comers may make things tougher.

A multitude of solutions and an army of consultants have flooded the market. Customer experience is driving the market today, and while technology has made fulfilment easier,  it has also led to increased competition. To continue to stay relevant in today’s world companies have to constantly reinvent themselves and upgrade the technology solutions they deploy  to stay in the game.

Finding a technology partner that is focused on innovation will not only give you access to technology that is cutting edge but is scalable, which is an important element in future proofing your business.
Every industry has one or two companies that exemplify being a first mover in that that space. Take Qualcomm in the mobile communications space, for example.  

Over the last 30 years, it has pioneered a plethora of technologies in telecom that has had a significant impact on the life of the common man. Qualcomm invented wireless communication, connected the phone to the internet and made the smartphone revolution possible. Today it is pioneering innovations in the 5G, IoT space, creating immersive experiences through AR-VR, and leading the way in AI and Machine Learning, including innovations in security to keep data on your mobile safe. Apart from this Qualcomm has been enabling other businesses in using technology to invent, innovate and grow their own businesses by  helping companies select the best technology for their respective use cases.

With its Snapdragon Mobile Platform, having one of the widest range of mobile platforms ready for development, Qualcomm provides a quick start to any company that wants to make the most of the digital revolution. Its premium immersive mobile platforms have enabled companies to deliver breathtaking digital experiences. The platforms provided are secure, have jaw-dropping speeds and are incredibly power efficient. The unbeatable trio of smart devices, smart homes and smart cities has made it a force to reckon with in the IoT category.

Qualcomm invents breakthrough technologies that transform how the world connects and communicates.  
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