How to savour larger-than-life train journeys

Luxury rail travel has made a resurgence and spoilt travellers for choice with stunning routes and amenities on tracks. We bring you six out of a world of possibilities
Curated By: Karishma Upadhyay
Published: Nov 11, 2016
How to savour larger-than-life train journeys

Image by : Belmond

Hiram Bingham
A trip to Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and taking the Hiram Bingham to the Incan citadel is the most magical way to get there. Named after the American explorer who discovered the ‘Lost City’ in 1911, the Hiram Bingham weaves through some stunning rugged landscapes in the Andes—deep gorges, gushing rivers and mist-covered peaks.