Get inspired by this Museum of Failure!

The newly opened 'Museum of Failure' in Sweden on failed innovations is a lesson in embracing your errors
By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jun 17, 2017
Get inspired by this Museum of Failure!

Image by : Museum of Failure

Who amongst us hasn't, at some point in our lives, turned fervently to a motivational mantra to get us through the wounded pessimism of a failure, a breakthrough that never happened, an idea that seemed in retrospect merely a mirage?  If one were to compile a list of failures, it would be enough to make us admire the fortitude and the resilience of human race to keep at it.

The just opened Museum Of Failure in Helsinborg, Sweden does just that, showcasing gadgets that were consigned to the bin, providing an insight into the risky business of innovation. The purpose of the Museum is to show that innovation requires failure, says Dr.Samuel West, the chief curator. Dr.West should know, he has a doctorate in organisational psychology and advises companies on becoming more innovative and successful by embracing failure. How? By not being ashamed of it. Here is a recent history of companies and inventors who spent years shaping a product only to find out that the technology was flawed, consumers had no need for it or the idea was a huge step in the wrong direction