LG's 65G6P TV that's picture perfect

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Published: Mar 14, 2016
LG's 65G6P TV that's picture perfect

Picture Perfect

There are flat screens, and then there are flat screens. LG’s new “signature” 65G6P television is very much the latter: Mounted on glass and less than 3 mm deep, this 65-inch wonder is almost impossibly beautiful. Those gorgeous looks aren’t just skin-deep either: The signature’s 4K-resolution screen employs the latest high-dynamic range and o-LED technologies—that’s “organic” LED, which boasts shatteringly crisp colour and depth—for the finest picture quality ever seen on a home television. —John Archer

A New Time

The V Series from Swiss luxury watchmaking company SevenFriday comprises two watches V1/01 and V2/01, which have been inspired by an industrial essence—revolutions and engines. Apart from the obvious change in the look of the watches (a rounded face instead of squarish), the V Series possesses an embedded NFC chip that can be scanned with an NFC-enabled mobile phone to guarantee its authenticity.

Bowled Over

The Flying Wall Bowls have been borne out of the artistic tradition of making everyday objects into works of art. Sold in sets of three (of different sizes), the bowls are made of iron, have enamelled interiors and painted bronze-coloured exteriors, and are suspended by invisible threaded pipes that are screwed into the wall.


Soft and Strong
Soft Seating is a collection designed by Vancouver-based architects Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, who experiment with furniture and walls that could fold away when not needed. One seating option is made from brown craft paper, another from non-woven polyethylene fibre textile, but the honeycomb geometry, coupled with the grain direction of the paper, gives this seemingly delicate material incredible strength.  

Soft and strong, and Bowled Over, courtesy Better Interiors

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