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Published: Aug 30, 2014


Style Moto
The BMW Concept Roadster bike is high on style—it has an all-aluminium, unpainted subframe, good-looking LED headlamps, and a lovely colour frame. It comes with a 1,170cc engine, kneeslider-style sliders on top, and engine heads for hard cornering. Only a matter of time before this stunning vehicle hits the market.

Lock & Key
If security is your concern, opt for this leather-coated table featuring a central-locking system and an automatic/manual desktop socket system with an optional automatic monitor lift. The base has an ovangkol veneer with a special black cracked-paint application that makes the table attractive.


Active Seat
Buoy is a cool seating arrangement for any corner of your house, office or anywhere else. Weighing merely 20 pounds, it is designed to go wherever you go. A lever allows height adjustment and a curved base encourages active sitting, i.e. it lets you to lean in, hunker down and move freely on it. Sit down, get going!

Creative Light
Anemos has turned the drab jute fibre into an enigmatic creation. This piece of light assembled using 100 percent biodegradable jute rope and bamboo will shore up the kitsch quotient of your space.


Utility Player
Love stationery, but lose it every now and then? If yes, this compact Multi Holder will help you organise better. Available in black, linen and bronze shades.

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