• How Does Private Equity Work in India?

    Private equity experts and investors in India describe a unique developing market where even with bountiful capital and few opportunities for anything but minority shares the sector is profitable and a key to harnessing the country's tremendous entrepreneurial energy

  • Can foreign retail benefit India?

    Professor K. Sudhir discusses India’s move to expand the presence of foreign retailers to modernize the country’s retail sector and boost economic growth

  • What Are The Realities Of Microfinance?

    New research is debunking myths about microfinance and showing how organizations can effectively address problems associated with poverty. Yale faculty Dean Karlan, Tony Sheldon, and Rodrigo Canales discuss the problems and the promise in the field of microfinance and the lessons for other kinds of social enterprise.

  • Why Does Market Volatility Matter?

    Market volatility has been at near-record levels in recent months, as investors respond to the uncertainty in Europe. Roger Ibbotson takes a historical perspective and argues that volatility, while frightening for individuals, can play an important role in the economy

  • What Has Happened To The Labor Market In The Great Recession?

    With 14 million people out of work in the U.S., labor markets are receiving a lot of attention. Yale SOM's Lisa Kahn did groundbreaking work on the impact of graduating into a bad economy. She offers her take on what's happening now and what to expect

  • Is Economic Inequality Too Big A Risk?

    Does economic inequality provide incentives for success? Does it introduce instability into the financial system? A political scientist, Jacob S. Hacker and Robert J. Shiller, an economist discuss how inequality affects government, markets, and the risks faced by ordinary people

  • Do We Listen To Opinion Leaders?

    Are there leaders in everyday life? A long body of literature argues that a small number of individuals have an outsize influence on what the rest of us buy, wear, and consume. But marketing professionals and scholars have been debating how to make use of these opinion leaders

  • What's The Business Case For Diversity?

    A range of often subtle biases around gender roles pervade the workplace. SOM's Victoria Brescoll discusses the impact these biases have on women and men, successful approaches to inclusivity, and the business case for making changes

  • Are CEOs Todays Heroes?

    All cultures and all eras have their heroesindividuals who set out on a quest and overcome great adversity to attain a glorious end. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld explains why society is looking for its heroes in the corner office

  • Are Leaders One Size Fits All?

    Should you take charge? Should you work to build consensus? Victor Vroom argues that effective leaders are sensitive to the nuances of their organizations, cultural environments, and short- and long-term objectives