A year after: A nation altered by the viral second wave

India has the highest seven-day Covid-19 case trajectory seen in any country and the grim distinction of most single-day infections in any country ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With a dearth of key drugs, beds and the return of restrictions across major cities, the nation is coping with its own contradictions.
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Apr 22, 2021
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Image by : Madhu Kapparath

  • A year after: A nation altered by the viral second wave
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When the pandemic hit, Robotics Warehouse Automation company Addverb Technologies were in the midst of building an ambitious new facility called 'Bot valley' for manufacturing robots in Noida. Work had to be stalled as labourers on the construction site left for home. Spurred by the team’s enthusiasm, the founders took a call, and the team shifted in, even though the shop floor was in disarray and the machinery was partly installed. The facility was inaugurated on March 3, this year and houses 450+ engineers who can be found tinkering with robots in various stages of development, like Veloce, the robotic vehicle seen above.