International Tiger Day: Capturing elegance of the big cats

On International Tiger Day, here are some captivating photographs from some of the best wildlife photographers in India—capturing the beauty and the majestic lives of India's tigers
Curated By: Mexy Xavier
Published: Jul 29, 2021

Image by : Sachin Rai

  • International Tiger Day: Capturing elegance of the big cats
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Ranthambhore in Rajasthan is a dry and arid forest and has been a stronghold for tigers in India. The tiger was known as a royal animal, which meant only the kings and queens of the region could kill them. This beautiful palace from around the 1600s is on a small island on a lake called Rajbagh lake in Ranthambhore, and has been referred to as a hunting place. The royals would either shoot from the platforms in these palaces or they use this as a resting place in the forest. We saw this young tigress mating with a young male tiger one summer morning. Seeing tigers in the wild is quite thrilling, but the historical reference here made the setting far more beautiful and it turned out to be a storytelling image by itself.