Workspace odyssey: Returning to work in a new world

A band jamming over video calls, an entrepreneur moves office to her dining table: What going back to work means in a pandemic
By: Madhu Kapparath, Naini Thaker
Published: Aug 1, 2020
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  • Workspace odyssey: Returning to work in a new world
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Jaipur: Shweta Mewara, Co-founder and creative director, Gulmohar Lane

The pandemic has completely redefined the workspace for Mewara, an entrepreneur and a mother. “Extensions of our lives outside our home, from kids’ play area to office, have suddenly all moved in,” says Mewara, who now works from her dining table. The struggle is real, as she has to balance her two-year-old’s routine with work. “His latest obsession is working on the laptop, just like his parents. It’s tough to keep him off the laptop, diaries and files. Now that we work from home, so does he,” she laughs.

What Mewara misses most about an organised office space is the storage and designated work desk. “Spills, chaos and multi-tasking are the most common problems,” she says. But the designer has also converted her travails into a business idea, and is planning to launch a new line of study tables on her home furniture portal.