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8 Things to learn from this self-made Millionaire by 28

Stop thinking about others and think about yourself, your future, your family, your passions

Published: Aug 24, 2020 12:59:32 PM IST

8 Things to learn from this self-made Millionaire by 28
She’s one of the most-watched Telugu music video women on YouTube and most inspired and courageous woman on social media, founder of Millionaire Entrepreneurs. At 28, Akhilla Kakivai is a self-made Millionaire from South India settled in Australia. She landed in Australia with a mere $20 in the pocket and became a self-made millionaire by 28 and a multi-millionaire by 33. 

She hit six-figures in six months in her online business where she helps people build successful online businesses using nothing but their knowledge. ‘I believe we all have something amazing, knowledge, a skill, a talent that we can package as high-end and sell online, become a brand by ourselves. As long as you’re able to solve a problem for someone, you’re able to build a business out of that.

 8 things to learn from this multi-millionaire :-

1.  Start early.

The best time to work on your dreams is yesterday. And the second best time is now. I started being an entrepreneur drop shipping electronics on eBay at the age of 21. I was very ambitious and always wanted to beat this cousin of min whom my parents wanted to get me married to as a typical south Indian family because he is mining a huge ton of money every single day. I wanted to prove to my parents that a girl doesn’t need a guy who earns money because she can make a ton of money by herself.

2.  Focus on your passions.

We all love something or the other so find what ignites you. Find what makes you jump out of the bed at any time at night that you wouldn’t hesitate talking all about it to even a random person. Continue pursuing it. Enjoy life. It’s a waste of time when you’re doing what you don’t love to do. I understand sometimes we do things for money, to pay bills. But start something on the side while having a stable income so one day you can completely quit what you don’t like and pursue what you like.

3.  Find your purpose.

Sometimes you come to a point in life where others think about you as ‘wow she has everything, she's rich, she's famous, etc. but inside only you know that you’re not satisfied. You’re happy but not satisfied. This is a great awakening moment in anyone’s life. It’s as important and as sweet as a ‘love at first sight’ moment. When it happens it drives you crazy at a whole new level in your life. You are magnetized to find your purpose and are magnetized to walk that way. My purpose is to help little children. I feel kids are innocent and they should not be troubled for where they are destined to be born like for example in a poor family. I am a sponsored mom to 6 children in developing countries., I help them with their basic needs like food, nutrition, and schooling, and my goal is to sponsor 1000 children every single month. I want to see all kids smiling & playing happily without any suffering or tears.

4.  Day dream.

A lot of people make fun of daydreaming. But I love it. I love to daydream first, what I call visualisation. Every object has come into existence after its master has visualized it in their brain first, for example, a chair is first visualised in brain before it is created in real existence. The same is the case with your life. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it. Your brain is capable of achieving something that you visualize first, daydream first. So use that superpower for goodwill. 

One day my dream is to see a world with no poverty at all., and zero crime., and I believe it is possible when almost everyone become an entrepreneur selling their knowledge or skill, doing good, being good, and making tons of money in a good way. When there is money, majority of the crime is vanished. Everyone’s happy as their stomachs are filled with good smart earned food & joy. So it’s possible. 

5.  Be yourself

I see a lot of people trying to be like everyone. Being like others, do like others. There are enough of others out there. There’s none like you. So be you, be unique. You stand out when you are yourself rather than a duplicate copy. Be yourself. Be original.

6.  Stop caring about what others think

What will he think, what will she think, what will they think? Stop thinking about others and think about yourself, your future, your family, your passions, your loved ones. The moment you start caring less about others and more about your own is the moment you will start living your life. Otherwise, you’re living someone else’s expectations. After all, it's your life, your one life, one chance, why live someone else’s expectation when you can live your own? There will always be someone who won’t like you no matter whatever you do for them and you can’t waste time doing that useless work while you can be making golden moments every microsecond living your life.

7. Life’s never straight.

Everyone has ups and down in life. No one’s life is straight. If we have everything and everything works so smoothly then we will be Gods. We are humans. We have our ups and downs. That’s what makes us human. So embrace it. Everyone has their ups and downs. But during downs, we have to believe that this phase will pass soon and good will be coming for us very soon. Visualise yourself in a good scenario. Trust that whatever happens, it is for a reason and learn from it and move forwards than sitting there and whining all about it. 

8.  Work smart, not hard.

We are conditioned that hard work means success. It’s wrong. Smart work is success. Working like a donkey doesn’t guarantee great results. Working smart does. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t work, rather you should put ‘effort’ but not ‘hard’ work. Effort in the right smart ways leads to sharp results than working hard. Take calculated risks, don’t stop when you fail, it’s a part of the journey. Love failures as much as you love success. Celebrate failures as much as success. Seek mentorship. You need someone who you can follow, a mentor who has already walked the path. Smart people know that the shortcut to success is finding someone who already did it and learn from them rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. 

You want have a mentor who is already living a life you wish to live. A mentor that takes you into a quantum leap 1000 times than doing it all alone by themselves and burning down. 

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