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A tale of true determination and relentless pursuit for success

Dr. Amit Chakrabarti has also diversified his business in development of residential and commercial building projects

Published: Dec 2, 2020 01:50:48 PM IST
Updated: Dec 2, 2020 06:39:52 PM IST

A tale of true determination and relentless pursuit for success

Success is neither a journey nor a destination, rather success is an untiring action in the face of numerous odds and obstacles. This is what the story of Dr. Amit Chakrabarti, Director of Saicon Group of Companies echoes.

Dr. Amit Chakrabarti reminisces how at an early age of 16 he would request his father to permit him to quit studies and start his own business. Definitely a challenging task for a school going kid. Dr. Amit remembers once he shared the idea with his school principal, she angrily said to him “Amit I can tell you one thing, if you fail class 12, you won’t be able to do anything in life.” But Dr. Amit had made up his mind and purposefully dropped in his Class 12 Board Exams.

He showed his desire to venture into the field of business directly even though his parents wanted him to continue his education further but Dr, Amit Chakrabarti had his mind already made up and wanted to waste no time further. He finally managed to convince his family and started his own business after borrowing a pecuniary amount of Rs. 50000 from his father.

After a lot of thought juggling, he came up with the idea of Façade Architecture. Success did not come easy for a small boy who had big dreams, as they say nothing comes easy, in his initial days Dr Chakrabarti relates how he had to face rejections from every sphere and that nobody was interested to invest their time with this young lad. However, Dr. Amit Chakrabarti was not someone to give up, he kept on trying and did not let the feeling of rejection engulf him. After consistent trials and tribulations, Dr. Amit Chakrabarti earned his first job which was to fabricate and install a sign board for a Petrol Pump which allowed him a mere profit of 800 INR. This job helped him boost his confidence and thus started his path to success.

Within a few years he had gained great reputation in the market and orders were flowing in from everywhere. However, Dr. Amit Chakrabarti faced one of his biggest setbacks soon after when he lost Rs. 40 lakhs to one of the companies he was working with which forced him to shut down his business.

For anyone else this would have been the be all and end all but not for Dr. Amit Chakrabarti who bounced back soon into the industry stronger than before and started a UPVC Door and Window Factory and decided to invent his own Portable UPVC Door and Window Manufacturing Machine. After three months of relentless labour, sleepless nights and uncompromising discipline, Dr. Amit Chakrabarti soon invented the world’s First Portable UPVC Window and Door Manufacturing Machine at his humble rooftop workshop.

As this was the first such machine ever invented in the world, no sooner Dr. Amit Chakrabarti uploaded a working video on a social networking site from his factory, millions of views started pouring in no time and his video became viral in a short span of time. Innumerable enquiries started to come in from India and several other countries names of which were unknown to him before.

Today the company’s turnover is in millions and he is known all over the world. Dr. Amit Chakrabarti has not allowed this fame to get into his head, rather he has since then innovated and invented a lot of innovative products in the field of UPVC Door and Window industry. His company is continuously working towards providing entrepreneurship opportunities to many in his own country and abroad as well.

As a recognition of his efforts in the field of business, innovation and selfless service to society, Dr. Amit Chakrabarti has been honoured with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from National American University, U.S.A.

Over the years Dr. Amit Chakrabarti has also diversified his business in development of residential and commercial building projects.

Saicon Group of Companies endeavours to further continue and excel in the field of building products and allied industries and is working towards the innovation and invention of many new products on a Pan India basis.

Dr. Amit Chakrabarti’s advice to all budding entrepreneurs is to dream big and to tirelessly work towards achieving that ignoring temporary setbacks during the journey while maintaining strong work ethics throughout.

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