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A Self-made woman in business, her entrepreneurship has lot to teach

With 10 years of industry experience, she is working with multiple MNCs and noteworthy organizations.

Published: Dec 2, 2020 01:46:07 PM IST
Updated: Dec 2, 2020 06:39:08 PM IST

A Self-made woman in business, her entrepreneurship has lot to teach
Miss Vassundara, the director of Vertex Global Services, is an incredible woman with immense passion and dignity for her job. She comes from a small town by the name of Erode in Tamil Nadu, where she mastered the art of dancing, painting, and singing. Her zeal for dance had landed her many awards from school to college for 'best choreography'. Being inspired by the taste of success in the field of choreography, Miss Vasundara identifies herself as a highly motivated and career driven individual with a touch of creativity. With 10 years of industry experience, she is working with multiple MNCs and noteworthy organizations. The wide range of expertise across domains like technical recruitment, vendor management, consulting, market strategy, Business strategy, sales, business development, and performance marketing has played an instrumental role in her professional development.

What Was The Encouragement Behind?

In an interview with us, she says, "My ambition and the zest for my passion led me to be the corporate professional that I am. I have always been self-motivated and confident in my desires. Striving hard towards my goals and ignoring the noise of the world is what keeps me going.". According to her, these were factors that an individual needs to have to make their dreams come true. With no support gaining from her parents, she charged alone in the stormy road with her brave face on.

Her own struggle inspired her to be the best in her field. Without having any role model, she constructed her path bit by bit, or amending it with awards like 'business leadership award'(Malaysia), 'Indian achievers award'. Drawing her inspiration from another self-made business tycoon Indira Nooyi, who is a global symbol of achievement for both men and women, she continued to make her dream come true by working hard. She incorporated the techniques she took from Nooyi's leadership skills and grace with which she has handled her corporate responsibilities and duties. She is a true phenomenon who can be counted as a self-made woman as she stands on the pinnacle of 'Foreign investors council' where she has retained the position of vice-chairman.

Struggles That Came Along

Miss Vassundara believes that as an individual, everybody has to go through a plethora of challenges in their professional life. She further says, "Regardless of your position in an organization, challenges are inevitable. My take from all the challenges has been that you have to be smart and understand the ongoing situation to be able to tackle it. Be adaptable and accept that change is the only constant so gear up for any kinds of changes." Hence, instead of dwelling on the problems, it is always better to seek solutions. There should be no stigma around challenges and problems.

"Fortune favors the bold”- Vassundara

She also believes that the ability to believe in oneself along with the grit and determination, will fulfill one's goals, and is what kept her motivated. The nurturing of her competitive side on the court as a district-level basketball player and other sports, fed into her personality to be a competent and resourceful individual for every organization she has been associated with. All these traits have played a vital role in helping her move forward in her profession.

For future entrepreneurs of the country, she advises, "Every day is a learning opportunity and one must utilize it. Think out of the box and find new ways to benefit yourself from the skills acquired in your academic life." This incredible woman has won National Business Leadership Award by Integrated Achievers Awards 2019, Best HR Leadership award by Integrated Achievers Award 2019, Business Leadership Award awarded by Golden Globe Tiger Awards in 2019 & more for the greatest endeavors in her professional life.

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