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Abhishek Bansal: This pandemic has got new challenges and innovative solutions for CA Students

COVID-19 Pandemic has been especially hard on the student community, which lost valuable study time

Published: Aug 26, 2020 12:46:18 PM IST

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been especially hard on the student community, which lost valuable study time. The most affected among the students were those preparing for very important entrance or qualification tests, like the Chartered Accountant’s examination.  The uncertainty of these times has created immense confusion among the CA students similar to students from all domains. Not just that, it has also affected their morale and disturbed their study patterns too during these difficult times.

Going Through With Students

Prof. Abhishek Bansal understands exactly what these young students are going through in the current period of uncertainty. Prof. Bansal has taught many students and has authored several books for CA Inter / Final for Law and Audit subjects. He believes “Teaching the students is not merely about covering the syllabus, it is also about empathizing with students when it is needed.” Guiding the students through the daily grind of student life and talking to them about various social or psychological pressures that they may be facing during such times. This is the reason why he is considered to be one of the best faculty for his CA teaching subjects and is also hugely popular among CA aspirants.

Every Student Deserves Best Education

Prof. Bansal is associated with the hugely popular online learning platform, which provides video lectures & offline classes containing quality content for CA exam. Speaking about his concern for the aspirants of CA, Prof. Bansal says, “I have been teaching in Mumbai for the past 8 years. My teaching life has taught me not only about the use of technology in teaching CA students, but also about the challenges that students, especially those from small towns, face in terms of access to good quality education at the right cost.”

Fighting COVID19 Virtually

In order to ensure that the CA aspirants don’t face any breaks in their preparation, Prof. Bansal has made every effort towards making available all relevant education material virtually. Doing so means that each and every student, aspiring to be a CA, whether living near or far, has access to subject material required for  Law and Audit for CA Inter and CA Final. Prof. Bansal has conducted many webinars through YouTube Live sessions and stayed connected through emails and community groups on social media and Telegram.

Education is Moving Online

India is moving online to study and this trend has picked up speed in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an official meeting in May 2020, emphasized upon the adoption of technology for delivering quality education. PM Modi said, “Special emphasis must be given on the use of technology and enhancing learning and adapting by the use of technology such as online classes, education portal and class-wise broadcast on dedicated education channels.” In keeping with the Prime Minister’s vision, CA students have increasingly been going online for their classes and live lectures for the past few years, except for those who didn’t have access to good speed internet connection.

Nevertheless, things have changed dramatically since March 2020, after the country went into complete lockdown mode and every educational facility was shut down too. This gave rise to live lectures propagated over YouTube and different apps, where students could follow their study patterns and the teachers could keep a track of their student’s progress. Thanks to these virtual live lectures, students could make use of increased amount of interactions and doubt-solving sessions with their teachers.

The greatest aspect of technology is that it is constantly innovating. Bringing itself upto speed with the changing times, social media and live session conducting platforms has helped teachers like Prof. Bansal to reach students all over India and help them overcome stress and doubts in these trying times.

The Future is Digital

Though the world will defeat Corona virus sooner or later, the world won’t feel confident enough to get back to the usual routine anytime soon. Same holds true for the educational facilities as well. Therefore, the future is digital and the online studies will be the trend for the near future at least. Prof. Bansal says, “There is no doubt that the students have improved a lot in terms of being tech-savvy. The new data plans by internet service providers have also helped immensely because students have more access to internet and, with that, to their education.”

According to Prof. Bansal, the work is cut out, he will continue to work towards creating more interactive study material, which is cost-effective and easy-to-learn as well through Lets Learn India and other platforms. The future of education for each budding CA student is bright, looking at the progress technology has made just in the last few months. Prof. Bansal thinks “I and my whole team is working towards creating better ways to learn and moving along with new technology to help as many CA students as possible”.

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