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'Adding value, empowering lives' during COVID and beyond

A Spiritual Coach whose passion and profession is to help people live life in its highest potential format

Published: Sep 9, 2020 11:23:46 AM IST
Updated: Sep 11, 2020 10:02:00 AM IST

'Adding value, empowering lives' during COVID and beyond
Harrish Sai Raman (HSR) is a reputed Motivational Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Life and Spiritual Coach.  Over the past two decades, he has become synonymous with high octane sessions infused with relevant humor, insightful learnings and deep spiritual essence. In the process, he has driven ambitious business results for organizations and personal transformations for individuals.

He lives his passion through his sessions, powerful videos and digital courses all focused on empowering people to live life in its highest potential. A firm believer of results, he imparts techniques and learnings that he himself has been practicing and improvising on for years. This lends authenticity and integrity to his programs.

Harrish has authored a book, ‘Triggers & Insights’ and is a regular contributor to magazines, newspapers and journals on topics of personal development. He has been recognized as ‘Training Leader of the Year’ and ‘Top 101 Coaches India’ by World HRD Congress in the year 2019.

In his interview to Forbes India, Harrish talks about his vision and how he has leveraged his experience to guide, coach and empower people especially during COVID times.

Q1) You have spent close to two decades transforming, training/coaching people at organizational and individual levels. What has been your guiding vision?

My ‘Purpose’ always has been to transform lives of as many people I can until my last breath! Life is meant to be lived in its highest potential format and hence my focus, intent and energies are channelized towards helping people break barriers, encounter peak performance states and live life in a ‘joyful’ way.

Q2) COVID has been a challenge at all levels for people. How have you kept yourself charged and engaged during this stressful time?

It has undoubtedly triggered a need for deep introspection. Learning new methods of communication, questioning the new world norms, changing business models and quality family time all of these have kept me positively engaged. Encouraged by my vision, I have continued coaching a large number of people helping them move from ‘a breakdown to a breakthrough’. Pivoting my services online, a few digital courses and products have been introduced with an intention to help people emerge stronger particularly in these times and life in general.

Q3) What would be your advice to people who are finding it difficult to pull themselves up or are not able to deal with uncertainties of the situation?

The answer to that might take a few pages! The changes caused by these COVID times are ones we have never experienced or anticipated which has obviously led to physical, emotional, mental and not to mention financial challenges. It is natural for people to be bogged by the uncertainty of it. Having said that, I believe such times offer an opportunity to learn, rewire and reset our physical, mental and financial health. The journey of ‘learning and progress’ must continue and for that to happen one needs to reach out, question existing patterns or belief systems and seek resolutions. Willingness to do the same can be a game changer.

Q4) Tell us something about your new initiative, the platform - Little Doses of Enlightenment.

I created this platform for people who truly believe ‘learning is a continuous journey’ and most of the time there is no ‘right or wrong answer!’. However, there are perspectives, that can bring in huge possibilities! On the platform, I share perspectives and invite people to share theirs. It is a forum where all of us as a family soak into these little doses and we believe these little doses go a long way! Individuals who feel a connect here, can join and integrate into the collective consciousness of this group, adding value and changing lives. I feel the most precious thing in life is 'Life' and one must continuously enrich it.

Q5) Can you throw some light on your ‘Happiness Catalyst’ Partner Program?

The idea germinated from a thought to get more people to spread happiness and empower those around them. Being able to generate a steady stream of income as a result, acts as a strong motivator. Individuals who choose to become a part of The Happiness Catalyst Program will have access to all our Self Development related digital products and will be coached on empowering others. One of the most positive outcomes of the program is individuals becoming independent and developing the ability to empower others too.

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