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Author Keishorne Scott's journey to becoming a bestselling author

Keishorne admits that the process of writing to heal can be a difficult process to navigate

Published: Jun 16, 2020 02:05:32 PM IST

Author Keishorne Scott's journey to becoming a bestselling author

It has been a transformative journey for author Keishorne Scott over the past eight years to write two best-selling novels and, most recently, release his latest workbook: The Heartbreak Workbook which is designed to help men and women transform their heartbreak into forgiveness and beyond. As America’s #1 Heartbreak Coach, Keishorne never dreamed that he would write a book, let alone two best-sellers and a new release that is already helping people around the world to heal.

The journey certainly hasn’t always been easy, but as Keishorne tells his readers, “God is shifting you. That’s why you might feel uncomfortable in the moment. Trust the process. A new season is approaching.” Those are certainly words that carried Keishorne through his own healing and led him to write his first book L.I.F.E. (Love. Insecurities. Friends. Envy.) in 2012.

“I recognized that my story of heartbreak, forgiveness, and healing could help other people heal. After walking that long road back to myself, I realized that there really wasn’t a whole lot out there to help people going through heartbreak. I found that having concrete steps and goals really helped me to put one foot in front of the other and start to heal. So I sat down and started writing.”

Keishorne admits that the process of writing to heal can be a difficult process to navigate. “I spent many, many late nights just trying to get my story out and trying to walk back through my road to healing.” It was a strenuous process filled with doubt and, at times, disappointment. As a new author, learning the ropes of the marketing and publishing industry overnight proved more difficult than Keishorne ever imagined. “Once I had my story out and saw that I had created something that could truly help people, I wanted to get it into the hands of the people who I knew were out there and needed it but the world of writing and publishing isn’t always that straightforward.”

Keishorne continued to self-promote, market, and refine his skills and L.I.F.E. hit the New York Times Bestseller List is 2012. All of the struggle and learning that came with his first best-selling novel helped him to craft and publish his second book The Mouse, The Bird, The Dog, and The Lion: 3 Men to Avoid and 1 Man to Marry in 2019. This time, America’s Heartbreak Coach took this book right to the top, quickly becoming a two-time best-selling author.

Though the path certainly hasn’t been easy, author Keishorne Scott recognizes that the struggle first through heartbreak, then to write and publish his best-selling books has led to his greatest accomplishment. “This journey has brought me to the most amazing calling to inspire men and women all over the world to become the best versions of themselves and start on their path of recovery, healing, and renewal.”

Keishorne’s work is all over the internet and easy to find. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook @Keishornescott, purchase his book on Amazon, or visit his website www.Keishornescott.com

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