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Influencer marketing is doing wonders for the brands

Published: Apr 29, 2022 03:49:35 PM IST
Updated: Apr 29, 2022 01:01:01 PM IST

Best influencer marketing agency in India - GrynowIt has been possible due to the fact that subject matter experts are now proactively promoting the product/service by giving their viewers the taste of feeling it. When the leaders of the industry are the brand advocates, no actor in the world can compete with them because of the fact that they are great educationists and can explain the products to the prospects in a superior way through trustful connection.

Influencer marketing industry is projected to cross $15 billion in 2022 in India and can reach up to $100 billion! (Source- Financial Express). The secret why this industry is blossoming at a lightning speed is the fact that content creators/social media influencers are generating innovative ideations to rope the audiences’ attention by demonstrating their expertise in their niche.

Top influencer marketing agencies ensure a smooth collaboration between creators and brands as they devise and implement unique strategies through creators so that brands get maximum return on investment.  

The influencer marketing platforms bridge the gap between social media influencers and brands (which want to do marketing) by leveraging the creator’s influence to empower the brand with their trust.

Influencers and brands should be very choosy in selecting the ideal influencer marketing agency in India; as the agency, apart from choosing the right kind of influencers with respect to their target audience, will devise the content strategy and its execution.
Some of the salient features that they should look for, in their trusted influencer platform are as follows:

How to Choose the Best Influencer Marketing Platform?

1.   Great Influencer marketing companies encourage influencer relations

Research shows that 43% of top brands are investing in influencer marketing, however majority of companies are not leveraging it to full potential either because of inexperience or strategic standpoint. The gist of the story is that the brands and influencer agencies must be actively involved in building long term relationships with influencers.

Apart from just selecting the influencer with respect to its niche, they should focus on their viewers demographics and persona in order to get better results. Hence, this can only be achieved when all the stakeholders have great relationships.

28% of the marketers involve influencers only at the campaign level, meaning as a one-off venture and not investing in relations to build a strong affinity, which results in unsatisfied outcomes.

Trustful influencer marketing platform like Grynow that have a clear vision to revolutionize this industry focus on building long term relationships with creators as well as with their audience.

2.   Visionary influencer marketing agencies encourage investment in creating brand ambassadors

One-time sponsorships look no different than advertisements. To avoid this, visionary agencies like Grynow encourages clients to create brand ambassadors by investing in long term collaborations. This results in a deeper understanding of the product, great brand association leverage and a superb advocacy through authentic content.

As brands are already spending over a quarter million US dollars on influencer marketing, and this figure is projected to grow from 55% to 67%, as per Schaefer Marketing Solutions LLC. The sharp increase towards influencer marketing is also shifting from one-time sponsorships to brand ambassadors.

3.   Exceptional Influencer Marketing Platforms are focussing on a Customer Centric Narrative

Understanding customer’s needs and designing the product accordingly is the crucial thing for the brand! So, by creating a customer centric narrative for the product rather than a corporate centric one is the go-to choose.

Top Influencer marketing agency in India like Grynow understands the customers better through their customer centric content strategies by telling inspiring stories. At the moment, only 22% companies are creating a narrative that tends to customer needs, meaning not many brands are leveraging the best of influencer marketing. (Source- Ann Hadley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs) Hence, Grynow is the clear winner if you are looking to position your brand superior.

Engaging content creators in a long-term commitment definitely allows marketers to easily build their efforts in a customer centric manner.


A great Influencer platform acts like a driving force that helps creators and brands alike to achieve their true potential. Thus, it is crucial to hire agencies to understand the crux of influencer marketing and have the best outcome!

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