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Best top 11 hair transplant clinics in Turkey: Everything you need to know

Discover the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey with this comprehensive guide. Covering the top 11 options, the article delves into innovative methods, quality standards, and essential qualities of leading clinics, ensuring you find the ideal solution for hair loss

Published: Dec 8, 2023 05:25:02 PM IST
Updated: Dec 8, 2023 05:33:54 PM IST

Best top 11 hair transplant clinics in Turkey: Everything you need to knowBest in Class: A Top Surgeon's Precision in Hair Transplant Design

Hair loss has become a common issue among men and women of all ages. Especially for young individuals, it is a critical problem as it negatively affects their personalities. It happens for several reasons, including hormonal imbalance, genetics, and skin issues.

To combat this issue, a hair transplant is the best option, and the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer their services to international patients at very competitive prices. Turkey has some of the best clinics worldwide for hair transplants; some are internationally recognized with several awards and titles. It is all because of the redefined quality standards at those clinics.

Additionally, doctors have innovated some revolutionary methods that provide natural and reliable results after undergoing a hair transplant surgery. That too within a specific budget. Whenever an individual goes through hair loss, transplantation seems the most desired treatment as with the right treatment, and they get the desired volume and healthy hair.

However, to get the right treatment, one must know which are the top hair transplant doctors and clinics in Turkey. This article will give you everything you need to know about the hair transplant in Turkey.

Best top 11 hair transplant clinics in Turkey: Everything you need to knowDramatic Results: Before and After Hair Transplant in Turkey

What Are the Qualities of a Good Hair Transplant Clinic?

You will find so many transplant options in Turkey that deciding which is the best will be difficult. The Testsieger list has already announced the names of some of the leading clinics in Turkey. So, you can choose one of the best clinics in turkey depending on the following qualities:

1. Technology and past results

The first factor that will improve the quality of a clinic is the technology and technique experts follow here. It may not be the best option if the clinic still uses techniques from decades ago. Always go for a clinic that provides the latest technology treatment with good results and success rates for its procedures.

2. Specialization and experience

Next, you need to look for the specialization of doctors at that clinic. Through specialization, doctors can suggest the right hair transplant method. It also helps detect the main cause of the issue with detailed analysis. Experience, on the other hand, helps physicians deal with every case's varying complexities. Thus, experienced doctors can face and solve problems during the transplant process more efficiently.

3. Communication experience

The last thing you need is a good communication experience. From general staff to experts, you must get good communication regarding the process complexities and all of your queries. Good clinics often offer communication in the English language.

With these main qualities, any clinic you select provides reliable treatment and satisfaction. If you are looking for 1 name recommendation, then the Hermest Hair Clinic is the best place. It is also at the top of the list with HLC Clinic and Nimclinic.

11 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

This list of the 11 best hair transplant clinics in Turkey is based on data from clinics and doctors in Turkey, along with the data of 1000 patients and their experience. So, here are our top 11 picks for the best hair transplant options in Turkey.

  1. Hermest Hair Clinic
  2. Nimclinic
  3. HLC Clinic
  4. ASMED Surgical Medical Center
  5. Smile Hair Clinic
  6. AHD Clinic
  7. Cosmedica
  8. Serkan Aygin Clinic
  9. Cosmedica
  10. Medical Hair Clinic
  11. DrT Hair Transplant Clinic

Below is a brief introduction to the top clinics in Turkey that you may opt for.

1. Hermest Hair Clinic

The best option in Turkey is the Hermest Hair Clinic, which brings revolutionary innovations to the hair transplant industry. It also attains a high success rate due to its high-quality standards. Today one of the most effective hair transplant techniques is the Unique FUE method, also introduced by the Hermest Hair Clinic.

When looking for international options, you rarely find a clinic with such global recognition as Hermest Hair Clinic. A major reason behind the success of this clinic is having top-notch staff with all the education, specialization, and experience required for successful transplant surgery.

Expert cardiologists, hair transplant specialists, and dermatologists are always available during transplant surgery to combat any problem during the process. It enables the clinic to guarantee 100% reliable products with a high success rate.

2. Nimclinic

Nimclinic is not only a popular name in Turkey for hair transplants, but it also makes a good option for dental aesthetic and plastic surgery. It has also won several titles for high-quality standards and for using the latest surgery techniques. Nimclinic is situated in Istanbul and provides 100% satisfaction with hair transplant services.

You may find very affordable and competitive prices here because Istanbul is a popular city for hair transplantation services. Nimclinic’s staff also carries out innovative studies regarding experienced professionals in the field, so they are constantly improving their services. With all these qualities, it makes a good choice for international patients.

3. HLC Clinic

The third one on this list of top hair transplantation clinics in Turkey is HLC Clinic, located in Ankara. It is famous for its success rate with the advanced FUE technique. Instead of starting treatment immediately, the experts at HLC Clinic will thoroughly inspect the condition of the patient's hair and then detect the root cause.

It allows them to suggest the most natural results with every transplant possible. On top of everything, experts here focus on maximum grafting, so every patient gets successful transplantation.

What Are Hair Transplant Methods Used in Turkey?

There are 2 main hair transplant methods used in turkey, one of which is DHI. It is used in areas on the scalp with sparse hair. The other is the FUE method, which results better when patients need more hair. The FUE method has several other transplant methods, including the following:

  • Unique FUE
  • Sapphire FUE
  • Percutan FUE
  • Traditional FUE

All these methods are successful, so you only have to select one according to its condition.

Which Transplant Method Is the Most Successful One?

Among all the available options, Unique FUE s the most successful. It was introduced in the hair transplantation industry by Hermest Hair Clinic, and it is successful because the hair retention rate after getting this transplantation is the highest among all. This hair transplant method gives nearly-perfect results in terms of aesthetics and practicality, and several experts approve of it.

Unique FUE is the best hair transplant method and is not very common worldwide. The latest technology and its combination with advanced techniques for hair transplantation help patients with lively hair. However, the doctor may suggest diet and lifestyle changes to increase your retention rate for the best results.

Factors That Make a Hair Transplant a Successful One

Even if you go for the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, you may not get the best results, and vice versa. According to patients' data with experience and reports from some world-leading places for hair transplants, we have created these specific factors that can make a hair transplant a successful one:

  • The retention rate of transplanted hair on your scalp.
  • The density of transplanted hair. Good if it stays the same or increases. Bad if it decreases.
  • The satisfaction rate among the patients. Sometimes a perfect hair transplant does not satisfy a patient, and vice versa.
  • The expertise and specialization of the doctor who did the transplant.
  • Did the doctors thoroughly examine the situation before selecting any transplantation method?
  • How compatible is your new hairline with your existing facial line?
  • Efficiency and success of technique used for your transplantation procedure.
  • Care and looks of hair in 12 months following the transplantation.

The Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Going for Turkish Hair Transplantation

When looking at the ratings and reviews from patients with experience, you will find that some patients didn't get the expected experience. It could be because of the mistakes they made. Several mistakes can lead to dissatisfactory results. According to our research done on data from 250 patients, here are the mistakes that you must avoid when getting a hair transplant:

  • Not selecting the right transplant method.
  • Not selecting the right clinic or doctor for a hair transplant
  • All the experts were not present during the transplantation process.
  • Unavailability of the latest technology and equipment to conduct your hair transplant.
  • The patient is not being careful during the recovery period as prescribed by the specialist.
  • Getting a transplant in the summer season and not protecting against pollution and direct exposure to the sun
  • The doctor is not thoroughly examining your situation.

So, if you want success from your hair transplant surgery without any risks, avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

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