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Celebrity Edge Cruise: Designed to leave the future behind

Published: Mar 19, 2019 07:27:56 AM IST
Updated: Mar 20, 2019 04:41:03 PM IST

Celebrity Edge Cruise: Designed to leave the future behind
There are luxury cruises and then there are cruise ships that redefine cruising experiences, taking their guests to a completely different level of indulgence. Celebrity Edge is definitely the latter.

This revolutionary new class of ship is poised to shatter all expectations of what’s possible with modern luxury cruises and will transform the way guests experience the world, with its visionary outward facing design. Designed completely in 3-D, the Celebrity Edge was masterfully planned and efficiently crafted to deliver amazing vacations and experiences of a lifetime.

While there is much to say about its outward design, which encompasses a parabolic ultra-bow for better fuel efficiency and a smoother ride, it offers innovative and extraordinary on-board features, including a theatre with 10 panoramic projector screens and 16 video-mapping laser projectors. 

Designed by the illustrious Kelly Hoppen, MBE, the on-board accommodation caters to different celebrity moods and budgets. From the top-end Edge Villas to single staterooms, which evoke the intimacy of an inviting, indulgent urban apartment, everything opens to the most beautiful scenery on earth: The edge of the ocean and beyond.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: Designed to leave the future behindMagic Carpet
One of the most distinguishing features of the Celebrity Edge is its revolutionary ‘magic carpet’. Setting a new standard for modern luxury, this attraction sports a host of daring design innovations. Envisioned by renowned architects Tom Wright, designer of Dubai’s landmark Burj Al Arab, and the multiple award-winning Kelly Hoppen, MBE, it is the first cantilevered venue at sea to travel 15 decks. Scaling the sides of the ship, the magic carpet transforms into a new experience wherever it stops. So, for instance, while levelled with deck 2, it hovers above the ocean, becoming a platform where guests can depart on an edge launch excursion; adjacent to deck 5, it becomes an extension of ‘Raw on 5’, tantalising its visitors with fresh sea-food and a panoramic view of the ocean; alongside deck 14, it becomes a relaxing poolside lounge and docked at deck 16, it transforms into ‘Dinner by the Edge’, a luxury, sky-high al fresco dining experience. Irrespective of where it stops, it treats guests to an open-air experience that is unlike any other at sea. Outlined in eye-catching tangerine, as the magic carpet slides up and down the Celebrity Edge, it adorns the ship with its instantly recognisable presence.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: Designed to leave the future behind

The Edge Stateroom accommodations aboard the Celebrity Edge are also crafted by famed interior designer, Kelly Hoppen. The most delightful feature, by far, is the infinite veranda that offers 23 percent more space by taking the room to the edge and becoming part of the room at the click of a button while also enabling 10 percent more bathroom space.

Leveraging the latest in technology, these habitations embody innovations that enable open air access to the sea at one’s will. With the widest range of staterooms in the Celebrity fleet, Celebrity Edge houses Single Staterooms, designed for modern travellers who love to explore the world on their own. The indulgent Panoramic Ocean View Staterooms afford the option to connect with other staterooms, making it easier for families and friends to get together and get away in modern luxury.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: Designed to leave the future behind
Spa and Dining
The 14,000 sq feet spa, offering more than 124 treatments and an enriching ELEMIS® experience, makes Celebrity Edge a wellness sanctuary unlike any other. Inspired by soothing, rejuvenating elements of nature, it unites every experience on a wellness journey. Equipped with the SEA Thermal suite and its eight distinct spaces, including Hammam, Crystalarium, the Salt Room, Steam Room, Infrared Sauna Room, Float Room, Heated Tile Loungers, Rainfall Water Therapy Room, combined with the most state-of-the-art technology, the spa is infused with restorative natural elements in all the spaces, therapies and experiences on offer. From wellness to beauty to fitness, The Spa on Celebrity Edge features a line-up of industry firsts, offering the most advanced ways to look and feel fantastic on vacation.

The Grand Plaza, which spans three decks, is the lively epicentre of the ship. This stunning gathering place has an energy that draws everyone to it, morning, noon and night. As the day progresses on, the lighting changes from warm and inviting to bright and dramatic. Ever-changing entertainment and fashionable kiosks make the atmosphere spontaneous and the surroundings chic. With sheer size that is crafted to amaze, it offers an airy space akin to that in a cosmopolitan city—like nothing else at sea.

The place to see and be seen on board the Celebrity Edge is a majestic venue inspired by the piazzas of Italy and the energy of everyone coming together, to savour a taste of the good life. Home to incredible specialty restaurants, along with the popular Martini Bar, Café al Bacio and the new Grand Plaza Café, the Grand Plaza is the ultimate gathering place on Celebrity Edge.

To enjoy a true feast for the senses, Le Petit Chef and Friends at Le Grand Bistro is the place to visit as it recreates a fusion of dining and entertainment with four animated little chefs preparing each course.


A playful, sinful fantasy brought to life, Eden is a perfect setting for hosting business luncheons, magical wedding celebrations, inviting reunions and any event you can dream up against the backdrop of a million-dollar view.  With nearly 11,800 square feet of event space, Eden is encased in more glass façade than any other room at sea.  It is designed to entertain by indulging all five senses in an atmosphere that changes from relaxed mornings to playful afternoons to sinful evenings. Eden delivers a transformative experience that just as organically blends nature with design, as it does culinary and performance art. This fusion creates a delightfully unexpected array of immersive experiences, featuring a lively, open air kitchen and menus that deliver sensory and experiential dishes served by performance artists, called Edenists. There is impeccably blended entertainment, produced by Variety Worldwide, a leader in fusing non-traditional theatre with nightlife and dining, such as Queen of the Night and Kazino. In a nutshell, a visit to Eden awakens every sense, always and anytime.

The Retreat
The charming Iconic Suites and Edge Villas open directly onto the Retreat...which is implicitly an extension of suites itself. Inviting guests to indulge in a transformative atmosphere that changes through the day, the Retreat - the ultimate indulgence on-sea – is a private sanctuary, featuring verdant spaces to just laze in and enjoy the sun and sea. Featuring a private pool, sun deck, pool bar and a 24/7 lounge with a dedicated concierge as well as a restaurant with unique menus, this is a haven exclusive to Suite Class guests.

The Celebrity Edge transcends and transforms cruise expectations with its European and Mediterranean cruises and sun-drenched Caribbean itineraries. And as if that’s not adequate, the cruises are topped with invigorating excursions on the water’s edge and to exotic landscapes en route.

Best of all, a Celebrity vacation is not just about sailing—its more about sailing with outstanding customer and on-board services that pamper guests, a quarter century old tradition that has been the calling card of Celebrity Cruises and the premier reason why guests return to cruise with the fleet, year after year.

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