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DailyRounds & Marrow: Empowering the doctor community digitally

Both products run on a firm belief that a case-based problem solving approach can revolutionize medical education and have a direct impact on patient outcomes

Published: Sep 10, 2020 10:41:14 AM IST
Updated: Sep 11, 2020 11:39:20 AM IST

DailyRounds & Marrow: Empowering the doctor community digitally
The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown brought down a plethora of difficulties upon everyone. Students are no exception to this. With schools, colleges, and universities closed indefinitely, students have faced a myriad of problems trying to complete their curriculum.

Within the student community, it is the medical students who are hit the hardest. Many hospitals and medical institutions in our country are now COVID centres, and senior medical faculty are working on the front lines. This means that there are no regular classes or clinical postings, at least till the country reaches some semblance of normal. Moreover, interns and students are being called in to assist in the frontlines. In a nutshell, this gives students less time to study, and less opportunities to learn by shadowing clinicians.

As attending classes physically is unthinkable given the current scenario, many medical students have turned towards what is gaining humongous traction amongst youth: digital learning. The main advantage? Flexible hours and customized learning style.

Education has taken a dramatic turn - with more and more institutions adopting remote learning.

Here is where it gets interesting. Studies have shown that digital learning is proving to be quite effective- with students retaining more information in a shorter period. Digital learning may very well be the future, especially if social distancing becomes the "new normal".

DailyRounds & Marrow: Empowering the doctor community digitally
Learning never stops. The quest for knowledge and innate curiosity has driven many medical students to learn digitally. And one of the constant apps in their phone is Marrow

An online learning platform for MBBS students with topic-wise and curated learning modules, tests, performance analytics on critical areas, and high-quality video classes, Marrow’s clinical and conceptual teaching methods have made it synonymous with Gold Standard for NEET - PG preparation.

This is what a medical student had to say about Marrow:

"My rank in NEET PG 2019 was 41,000. Today, I am in the AIIMS Top 15. With Marrow, I almost hacked the whole process of preparation. Marrow made me shift my focus to the core concepts, and that led me to tackle questions across various subjects."

Currently used by more than half a million medical students in India, Marrow has grown from being a platform to prepare for NEET - PG, India’s largest competitive entrance exam, to an indispensable study source for all medical students.

So how did Marrow achieve such a compelling platform? Here's how:

Every single content at Marrow is evidence-based and error-free as it is reviewed extensively by reputed clinicians and medical professors. Moreover, Marrow's questions and video lectures are updated after every significant exam – the platform's faculty members work with the top 100 students to deliver the best and newest content.

Studies have shown that spaced repetition can help improve retention by up to 30%! This principle is woven into Marrow's content and has helped students immensely.

Marrow's faculty includes top clinicians and medical college professors, and this is reflected in Marrow's content - the platform's modules are clinically oriented.

Digital learning in medicine has fixed an academic gap, and might be here to stay, as newer technologies become more accessible. However, it cannot replace the knowledge a student gains from clinical rounds. DailyRounds aims to create a close substitute by building a collaborative platform where doctors can share information, publish clinical case studies, articles and images after they are reviewed by other medical professionals. This builds a valuable repository of knowledge, where both students and established doctors can learn from shared experiences.

Marrow, along with DailyRounds, form India’s largest academic network of doctors. Doctors across the world share and discuss clinical cases on the DailyRounds app. Both products run on a firm belief that a case-based problem solving approach can revolutionize medical education and have a direct impact on patient outcomes.

By driving the focus towards clinical thinking, DailyRounds & Marrow are building the next generation of exceptional doctors, one doctor at a time.

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