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Dom premium on Fitness, Faith, Sneakers, and Changing Lives

Bless's heart is to create a community around everything that has to do with sneakers, social media, entrepreneurship, and faith

Published: Oct 23, 2020 11:44:44 AM IST
Updated: Nov 2, 2020 05:40:50 PM IST

Dom premium on Fitness, Faith, Sneakers, and Changing Lives
For many businesses today, merging purpose and profit is the greatest goal. Most entrepreneurs are no longer happy with only making money from their ventures. They seek for a higher calling in their ventures. Such is the case for Dom also known as @Premium on Instagram, a successful entrepreneur who leaves a mark in the world.

Dom is the founder of Bless, a multi-faceted faith-based business that dives into ecommerce, social media real estate, social media influencing, and non-profit work. The serial entrepreneur is not about to hide his faith. "What motivated me to build my own brand was my relationship with Jesus," shares Dom. "Our company is based on Romans 10:15, 'Blessed are the feet of the who bring the Good News!'"

Dom’s venture into business started pretty early on. Growing up, he and his family didn't have it easy. Dom grew up in a big Italian family in New York. When he was only ten years old, doctors found out that Dom had type one diabetes, yet "by God's grace," Dom survived the ordeal. Dom's family endured many hardships and tribulations. All their trials would teach the young achiever the importance of resilience. Choosing to live life like an overcomer, Dom resolved to live his life with purpose and intentionality.

In 2006, Dom would run into a pair of Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red" sneakers. That was the beginning point of his entrepreneurial journey. "I decided to wear them a few times and then sell them and made my first sale of $100," narrates Dom Premium about his first experience with sales. "When I realized I could resell items, I began going to local thrift stores, camping for sneaker releases, and building my reputation as a trusted eBay seller." Soon after, Dom had reached Powerseller status on eBay. It was then that he started pursuing commerce outside of the platform. Today, his sneaker business has become the foundation of his career.

During this time, Dom spent numerous years in healthcare and behavioral health counseling as a marriage and family therapist. Dom achieved a master’s degree in social work at the age of 23. Dom worked within an interdisciplinary health team to help children, youth, and families overcome mental illness and find a life full of meaning and purpose.

Dom continued to flip items at a profit and ventured into other products. In November 2012, he created the name and brand of what would be his umbrella company, "Bless." With time, Dom Premium started appearing on high-profile celebrities' radars. He would go on to work with big names like Mr. Olympia's Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia's Jeremy Buendia, YBN Nahmir, Lecrae Moore, Hulk Hogan, Trey Kennedy, and many other athletes, celebrities, and influencers.

In light of all his business success, Dom started to think about ways that his company could give back to the community. In 2020, the sneakerhead and entrepreneur would launch an apparel line with a give-back model. For every sale made, the business would drop ten percent of proceeds to help fight social causes. The ecommerce store has helped organizations like Kabod International, a family restoration program in Belize, and Save the Children, which raises awareness and fights against human trafficking. Dom's company regularly donates to other charities and advocacies that tackle issues like fatherless homes, homelessness, and mental illness.

Bless's heart is to create a community around everything that has to do with sneakers, social media, entrepreneurship, and faith. Community-building still remains to be Dom Premium's greatest passion. He hopes that his work will result in a close-knit family that supports one another and finds ways to impact the world.

To learn more about Dom Premium and his company Bless, visit Dom's Instagram account and Bless's Instagram profile.

Dom’s Instagram: @premium

Bless’s Instagram: @bless

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