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Financepeer won the best emerging company award from Business Mint

Financepeer is a finance company that provides personal loans to the parents to help them pay the school fees for their children for over 24 months

Published: Aug 4, 2020 01:18:53 PM IST

Financepeer won the best emerging company award from Business Mint
School Fee funding is a significant relief to the parents as the cost of education is rising each day. The quality of education has evolved, and so has the fee structure of good schools. Every parent cannot afford the high charges of tuition classes as well as admission fees of even average schools in the town. School Fees Funding helps in the admission of children to the best schools. This is done so that the parents are not burdened with paying high school fees at the upfront.  

Every parent looks forward to providing the best education facilities for their children.

Surprisingly, the cost of getting a child admitted to even a play school has risen off the bar.

Getting your child admitted even in a kindergarten will cost you around Rs. 30,000-1,00,000. On the contrary, when you are about to get them to a primary or secondary school, the cost incurred can rise. It may range between Rs.75,000-5,00,000.  

Financepeer- Gajju Technologies Private Limited was among a few companies set up to fund school fees. It provides personal loans to parents to help them pay the school fees for their children for over 24 months. This company has a beautiful dream of providing children with an opportunity to study as much as possible.  

The loan application procedure has straightforward terms, and the loan is often rapidly processed so that the due date doesn't get past. You can also get approval on the same day of the application so that all requirements are fulfilled to get your child admitted into the school.  

Financepeer is a finance company that is Google Incubated and operates to finance school fees for children. With its help, you can pay your children's annual school fees in one shot upfront to the school. The parents can then return the amount of loan to them in 9/12 easy installments. The best part about this personal loan is that you will get at zero interest and zero cost. 

Financepeer is founded by Rohit Gajbhiye, co-founded by Debi Prasad Baral, Sunit Gajbhiye and Naveesh Reddy.  

Rohit Gajbhiye is listed in the category of one of the best entrepreneurs in Forbes under 30 in Asia. This is a huge honour for a person, and all of this is possible because of his venture Financepeer, which is helping several children get education. They are not deprived of the essentials of life because of his organization.

The application of school fees is approved in four easy steps, and the parents can easily get them cleared before the due date. They apply, the application gets selected by the company, instant approval is given after checking a few things, and the fees are then dispersed within 48 hours.  

The Procedure Of Approving A School Fee Fund

● Several parameters are checked by the company through artificial intelligence.  

● Loan repayment history, if any, is cross-checked, and the location of the family is tracked.  

● After comprehensive profiling, it ensures that the parents are correct, and school fees for the child are approved.  

Financepeer have the aim of growing together, and it does so because the organizations aim to not see a single child deprived of education. Started with such a brilliant thought, the foundation has inspired several others down the road. All the mentors come forward to see a beautiful India and have years of experience in several domains with the help of which they are effectively letting so many children learn.  

The company has been presented with the honour and title of the Best Emerging Company 2020 in the School Fees Funding Category. There are very few organizations that are working and coming forward for a noble cause and Financepeer is one of them. This Business Mint NationWide Award provided them with great pride and made them believe that what they are doing is just out of the box.

They don't take any security, or interest, or cost for processing the loan. Their aim is to simply provide education for the underprivileged people and give them a chance to explore their abilities. Every expense related to the education of children e.g., such as school fees, books, uniforms, etc. comes under the bracket of the loan amount. Upfront pricing helps parents give school fees with a lot more ease.  

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