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Get the best enterprise solutions from architect and author Praveen Kumar Donepudi

Praveen's stories always hide a moral or message of being positive and enduring the bad times in order to enjoy the good

Published: Jan 22, 2021 12:32:17 PM IST
Updated: Jan 22, 2021 03:10:48 PM IST

Get the best enterprise solutions from architect and author Praveen Kumar Donepudi
Praveen Kumar Donepudi dreamed of becoming a great athlete, but sidestepped into communications and information tech industries, particularly succeeding as an enterprise architect in the IT industry. He’s also a portfolio entrepreneur with interests in multiple small businesses.

Donepudi is an Indian IT professional with more than 18 years’ experience in client relationship management, SAG portfolio management, strategic architecture, and solution designing. He is a highly revered and renowned enterprise architect. He has authored four books on Artificial Intelligence, IoT and machine learning, some for children too. He has published 20 scholarly articles on AI, machine learning and IoT.

IoT (Internet of Things) is the rapidly increasing network of devices or “things” that use embedded sensors, software, and other technologies to interconnect and exchange information between devices over internet. They primarily collect and exchange data over wireless networks without human intervention. Google Home and Amazon Echo voice controllers are the most common IoT devices. As natural intelligence is to humans, AI is what is demonstrated by machines and involves the display of consciousness and emotionality. ML is the abbreviation for Machine Learning which is considered to be a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is a study of the computer algorithms which improve automatically through experience.

These algorithms build models based on “training data” (sample data to make decisions or predictions) without being clearly programmed for such a task. Neural networks can be understood as computing systems or a series of algorithms that mimic the biological neural networks and operations of a human brain to identify the association between huge amounts of data. It is in this world that Praveen Donepudi has made his name and a sterling reputation.

Born and raised in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India, Praveen completed his schooling at Don Bosco Public School and earned a master's in computer application from Bharathidasan University. He started his professional pursuit with Miracle Software Systems Inc, a Global Systems Integrator specializing in ERP/ BPM (EAI/SOA)/ B2B/ Digital Experience Technologies, as a Senior Software Engineer. He has worked with several top tier IT firms like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Cognizant and is currently working with UST-Global as an Enterprise Solution Architect acting as a Subject Matter Expert for the CTO organization to establish client roadmaps, best practices and governance models. His core deliverables usually involve working with technology and enterprise architecture domain, which includes IoT, AI, ML and neural networks along with non-tech domains like finance and marketing.

All of the above keep Praveen busy and fulfilled, but that has not stopped him from penning the stories that he used to make up for his daughters’ bedtime, and also any number of articles, e-books and books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Praveen’s work has appeared in notable international publications most often dealing with technology and enterprise architecture-based topics, such as his specialist subjects: IOT, AI, machine learning, and neural networks, as well as on finance and marketing. He is also associated with several middleware practices which help applications and operating systems work seamlessly despite differences in age and coding.

Find many of Praveen’s scholarly articles in Scopus Indexed Journals - the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, journals and publications that appear both in the form of ISSN publications (serial publications like journals, magazines and annuals) and IBSN (standalone publications such as books and monographs). Significant conference papers and seminar presentation papers are often also included – indicating that Praveen’s writing is academically rigorous and informatively important. He ensures that he keeps himself updated with the current industry trends and his conference papers and seminar presentation papers depict his thoroughness and attention to detail. He sits on the board of a number of journals, providing peer reviews to submitted pieces.

Praveen’s family, his beautiful wife, Lakshmi Nallamothu, and his two lively daughters, Shivika and Shanvika, inspired him to begin writing for children. Making up on-the-spot stories for his girls boosted his creativity and Praveen began to jot the stories down with a view to publishing them.

Praveen’s stories always hide a moral or message of being positive and enduring the bad times in order to enjoy the good.

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/praveendonepudi1

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