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Haptik's Slack odyssey: A blueprint for modern business

Deep dive into Haptik's journey to boost productivity, powered by Slack, where the interplay of fun, efficiency, and innovation shapes its company culture and drives behavioural change

Published: Nov 30, 2023 06:14:57 PM IST
Updated: Nov 30, 2023 07:04:57 PM IST

Haptik's Slack odyssey: A blueprint for modern businessIn today's dynamic workplace landscape, productivity and efficiency have taken on new meaning, and at the heart of this transformation lies the crucial role of workplace collaboration tools. Just like R2-D2 was an indispensable companion to the Rebel Alliance in their quest for galactic peace in Star Wars, intelligent productivity platforms like Slack serve as vital allies in navigating the intricacies of the digital age.

Haptik, a pioneer in conversational AI solutions, has found an indispensable companion in Slack. Let's delve deeper into the extraordinary story of Haptik and their everyday Slack magic. From unlocking efficiency superpowers to sharing invaluable insights, Haptik's journey with Slack offers an inspiring tale of innovation and transformation.

Haptik: Revolutionising Enterprise Chatbots

Founded in 2013, Haptik started as a personal assistant app. However, the company quickly realised that the future of chatbots was in the enterprise space. Haptik pivoted to focus on building chatbots for business. Today, Haptik's chatbots are used by some of the world’s biggest brands to help automate customer interactions, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Slack's Impact on Haptik's Productivity

During the recent Slack City Tour, Slack brought customers together for discussions on their experiences with Slack adoption, cultural shifts, productivity improvements, and future outlooks. Ajay Lulla, Vice President of Customer Success & Business Finance at Haptik, beautifully summarised the Haptik mantra: "Productivity, to us, means time – how swiftly and efficiently we accomplish tasks" and Slack has been the catalyst for improved productivity and efficiency at Haptik.

“Slack has transformed the way work is done at the company. To begin with, messages, files, and information are shared effortlessly, reducing the time and effort needed to complete tasks. Slack Huddles have changed how we communicate at work by allowing quick, real-time audio conversations among team members, making old-fashioned meeting invites and long emails unnecessary,” Ajay added.

The utility of Slack at Haptik goes beyond a mere communication platform. In a recent Slack study of Indian knowledge workers, it was revealed that, on average, these professionals switch between 10 different apps daily, with 1 in 10 managing a whopping 20 apps daily. This data highlights the challenges of the modern work environment. Haptik, recognising this need, has seamlessly integrated Slack into the way its employees work, leveraging Slack's 2,600+ app integrations, thereby eliminating the need for constant app juggling, simplifying work processes and enhancing productivity.

The Pulse of Haptik's Seamless Success

Slack has become the go-to platform at Haptik for tracking progress, seeking approvals, and ensuring client satisfaction. But it's not just about efficiency, it's about crafting a seamless experience for all stakeholders. For Haptik, Slack isn't just a tool; it's where the fun happens. It's an integral part of their culture, a digital playground where they connect, collaborate, and keep their energy levels soaring.

Among the Slack channels at Haptik, one channel that contains the entire employee base plays a crucial role in keeping everyone on the same page. It serves as a central hub for internal communication, and offers a real-time view of team dynamics, ensuring that everyone is informed and connected, and promotes a culture of collaboration and open communication.

Fostering Cultural Change

The role Slack plays at Haptik is best encapsulated in the words of the company’s Vice President: “It’s a part of our culture and a part of what we do.” Haptik has harnessed Slack to address behavioural change collectively as an organisation. The entire Haptik hierarchy embraced Slack wholeheartedly, aided by its tech-savvy workforce. Haptik employees demonstrated remarkable agility in adapting to the new technology. Slack's intuitive interface played a pivotal role in this smooth transition. The user-friendly design and straightforward functionalities of Slack made it easy for Haptik's workforce to embrace the platform with enthusiasm.

Celebrating Milestones

Slack serves as the central platform for the Haptik family to celebrate successes, from major milestones to individual achievements. Imagine stepping into this dynamic workplace where triumphs are commemorated with more than just a standard thumbs-up. Here, they've introduced their very own Slack emoji – the "Haptik hands." These digital hands are more than just symbols; they are a testament to the vibrant spirit of the Haptik family. They represent the collective efforts, achievements, and thrilling moments that shape the company's journey, adding a whimsical and personalised touch to every daily interaction.

Haptik's Slack Mastery: Blueprint to Success

Haptik has emerged as a pioneer in the digital workspace revolution with enhanced productivity and employee engagement. Haptik's success story with Slack holds valuable lessons for all businesses. In the rapidly evolving landscape of today's business world, embracing productivity platforms like Slack isn't merely an option; it's a strategic imperative. It's high time for businesses across industries to hop aboard this innovation bandwagon, where the fusion of collaboration and next-gen tech pushes us toward a future with limitless work possibilities and boundless creativity.

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