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HBN Events Academy: A concomitant of Mohd Badar's vision

Possessing people skills is a very important trait of being a successful Event Manager

Published: Nov 3, 2020 11:31:20 AM IST

HBN Events Academy: A concomitant of Mohd Badar's vision
Amidst the Coronavirus crisis in 2020, a decision of immense magnitude was taken by our founder Mohd Badar. This was the declaration of an all-new HBN Events Academy in Lucknow. The Academy is a much-needed asset for the declining Indian Event Management industry.

The new Academy at Lucknow shall promote experiential learning. Mohd Badar’s idea is to go beyond the traditional learning approach. Any student here will need to take an active part in the learning process.

The core learning procedure at the new Academy will be practical, not theoretical. What Mohd Badar really wants to achieve here is a perfect blend of practical and classroom training. This would set up new standards of excellence in Event Management education.

The new Academy will offer various specialized Professional Diploma courses for students to choose from. These courses would allow students to get a taste of contemporary industry atmosphere. This would facilitate a creative and diversified development of the students.

These meaningful education programmes would provide superior opportunities for students. Since the matter pertains to future Event managers and planners, it is only right that they should be provided with an incredible educational experience. This really is the essence of Mohd Badar’s comprehensive vision behind the Academy.

Possessing people skills is a very important trait of being a successful Event Manager. Mohd Badar has been very keen on promoting this particular aspect in his new Academy. As such, special emphasis will be paid on enhancing the communication skills of students.

Students here will be taught how to connect comfortably with co-workers, customers, executives, vendors, staff etc. Attention will be paid to resolving possible conflict situations in a discerning manner. Such a unique touch to education can be attributed to our founder’s out of the box thinking.

Improving communication skills will not be restricted to merely transfer of information. Rather, the focus will also be directed towards enhancing the presentation and communication of ideas among students.

Overall, the new Lucknow Hbn events Academy would impart education as per the latest requirements of the industry. It is a fitting reminder of Mohd Badar’s resounding legacy and a testament of his shrewd decision making.

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