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How Marquee Equity simplifies raising capital

India-based Marquee Equity helps startups get their data rooms ready and connect with investors across the world using its investment banker driven technology platform

Published: Jan 27, 2023 02:07:35 PM IST
Updated: Jan 27, 2023 02:51:43 PM IST

How Marquee Equity simplifies raising capitalWell over a hundred years ago, a German named Ferdinand von Richthofen popularised the famed Silk Road as a safe trading route between the prosperous East and the developing West. This led to the creation of several Merchant Banks that traded in commodities like silk, spices, tea, textiles, etc. Believe it or not, merchant banks like these are the foundation of the investment banking industry we see around us today. This growth is credited to the acceptance of disruptive technologies into the finance and banking sector to improve and automate the delivery of financial services, thus creating what we now call financial technology or FinTech. In 2016, fintech entrepreneurs, Ash Narain and Raj Kabir, decided to bring forth one such technology, giving birth to Marquee Equity.

Marquee Equity is a SaaS platform operating with the aim of helping companies raise funding easily. During their previous venture into the finance space, Narain and Kabir identified a common need among their clients, especially startups - finding and connecting with relevant investors for fundraise. The global investment space is extremely competitive, with less than 1% of startups receiving venture capital investment. That leaves most companies with the option of approaching angel investors. But how does one find such investors? What documents do you need to approach them credibly? How do you convince them to take time out of their busy schedules to even listen to your pitch, let alone invest in you? Marquee Equity and its team of 100+ financial experts, advisors, and designers are helping companies answer many such questions. From creating their pitch decks and business plans to negotiating deals with investors, Marquee’s team takes care of every aspect of the fundraising process.

How Marquee Equity simplifies raising capital

“The idea was to give every entrepreneur in the world, whether at the idea stage or raising their Series B round, access to the best investors in the world”, says Ash Narain, Founder and CEO of the company.

“We have a human driven tech stack that allows for us to custom deliver solutions to each client - our human team brings the advisory and the expertise that technology cannot match and our technology brings insights and reach, that human teams would find hard to match, making it a fit that works well for our customers”, says Raj Kabir, Founder and CTO of Marquee Equity.

While the company’s human layer is more than qualified, it still doesn’t fill the gap when it comes to finding the right investors. Conducting research on all available investors and reaching out to them individually is an inefficient and tedious process which would waste a lot of time and manpower. This is where Marquee’s real selling point shines - their AI-powered investor database. This is an extensive network of over 32,000 angels and venture capitalists spread across the globe, enabling Marquee Equity to provide its services in any geography. After understanding their client’s fundraising objectives thoroughly, the data points are imputed into Marquee’s database which spits out a list of the most relevant investors in the client’s preferred geography. Once finalised, the software automates email outreaches, with a short pitch and the relevant documents, to these investors. These emails are regularly monitored and replied to with the aim of setting up a meeting between the clients and investors. If requested, Marquee’s team also negotiates a deal with the investors. Since its inception, Marquee Equity has facilitated an average of 2500+ transactions every year, helping companies in sectors like healthcare, IT services, fintech, telecommunications, etc. raise funds successfully.

The investment banking industry is, currently, driven by technology and is crying out for further disruptions that will create a more inclusive ecosystem for businesses to prosper. With more startups being launched everyday, and even more shutting down, there is an imminent need for a solution. The market dip experienced in 2022 has hit the investment landscape hard, but Marquee Equity seems to be a part of said solution.

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