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HPM - Developing capabilities of smart innovation for a sustainable future

Sustainable Agriculture is a complex idea but adds considerably to a robust economy

Published: Apr 24, 2020 06:05:18 PM IST
Updated: Apr 27, 2020 03:32:04 PM IST

HPM - Developing capabilities of smart innovation for a sustainable future
Sustainable Agriculture is a complex idea but adds considerably to a robust economy. It is the wave of the future. HPM is on a mission to be a global integrated leader in delivering advanced solutions that make a real difference to the farmers and be a contributor to the Green Revolution drive.

Parallel to India’s remarkable successes in the modernization of agriculture, HPM is committed to ensuring a sustainable agricultural system and maximizing productivity and profit while minimizing environmental damage. With a record-breaking success, HPM is the 2nd largest producer of Pretilachlor TC in India. By re-thinking on their approach to sustainable farming and adopting methods and processes to develop growth plans that create and maximize economic value, HPM is driving transformation, which may have seemed impossible a few years ago.

Ms. Tapasya Goel, Executive Director of HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. said, “With the goal of the sustainability initiative by HPM, we have paved our way to make sustainable agriculture mainstream. Our CSR initiative like Girl's Adoption, Save Eyes Save Life, Clothes Distribution, Help him to Breathe, Green Nation Clean Nation, Food Drive, Wheelchair Distribution, Santosh Krishi Divas aims towards making a positive impact on society, and preserve the environment contributing to sustainable development.”

SAP HANA – accelerate business processes building the foundation for an intelligent enterprise

Turn insight into action and have an Intelligent Enterprise strategy with SAP HANA that allows you to swiftly transform data into insight and deliver exceptional experiences. Using the latest technological advancements, HPM has implemented the state of the art technology that offers hyper-connectivity, innovation, and smart business.

Based on the paradigm shift that is currently underway, there is a sheer indisputability. By discovering the current issues and planning the potential solutions, designing the SAP HANA Phase, Developing essential customizations, user training, and importing data, further testing to set the system right and deploying the final data to be loaded and validated which in turn feeds process automation, innovation, and optimal result. 

Data is the foundation for Digital Transformation, and secure future-ready solutions always work best. HPM’s super innovative process, SAP HANA, aims to accelerate the business processes by delivering more intelligence and simplifying your IT environment.

Going the paperless route with the paper revolution

It’s simple for them. It’s one simple solution, i.e. going paperless. HPM has initiated its operation – Going the Paperless Route aims to automate business processes and adopt eco-friendly work solutions. They believe it impacts your business more than you might think. Going paperless significantly goes beyond operational flexibility, better productivity, and cost-effectiveness and automated information gathering as it allows time for more informed decision-making and profound insights for easier quality compliance. The key to digital transformation is driving change, and HPM with a comprehensive range of professional service delivers a superior customer experience to simplify management, increase efficiency, and greater agility to accelerate time to value for your business.

HPM’s Paperless Operation helps in automation of Business Processes, enhances Content Management, recycling of waste papers in the form of Notepad, reduced usage of printing services, as well as enables centralized data storage system, and digitalizes information.  

Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, Chairman of HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Said, “Innovation is undoubtedly more essential in modern agriculture than ever before, and agriculture is undergoing an evolution where technology is becoming an indispensable part. We believe that the rise of digital agriculture and its related technologies has opened a wealth of new data opportunities, and we aim to achieve the goal by making better decisions in the field.”

The strategic goals of HPM serve as a roadmap to help ensure they achieve their mission and implement their vision. By taking advantage of revolutionary high-tech agriculture innovations, they consistently aim to create new milestones and reach the epitome of success at the end of each financial year. In last year's financial performance, HPM Sales Growth has maintained a growth rate of over 6%; they endeavor to be amongst the elite performers in the industry. While in the financial year 2018-19, the HPM sales growth was 453; in FY 2019-20, it recorded an increase of 477. They have also enhanced the plant capacity from 900 MT to 7000 MT per annum.

Advances in technology are the key to the future of agriculture, and with the change in the world of agriculture, HPM tends to change itself by evolving its procedure to improve effectiveness and resource management, as well as foster a productive workplace. The agriculture industry has experienced a substantial technological shift, and HPM's innovative practices and technologies may very well prove to be more than just the future of farming and agriculture. 

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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