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Interview with Jubilee Ace's Tony Jackson, developer of new fintech applications

Setting the stage for a digital future, says Jubilee Ace`s Tony Jackson

Published: Dec 9, 2019 05:27:03 PM IST
Updated: Dec 10, 2019 12:48:10 PM IST

Interview with Jubilee Ace's Tony Jackson, developer of new fintech applications
As we lay the foundations for a digital future in our time, the world steadies itself for an exciting and fresh financial landscape. Today we feature Mr. Tony Jackson, an entrepreneur, educator and innovator who has been at the forefront of the development and education of new fintech applications for many years. His crown jewel is the development of the AQUA System, and the founding of Jubilee Ace, a holistic arbitrage trading platform.

Q: We have heard extensively about the Jubilee Ace AQUA project. Could you tell our readers about yourself and your inspirations in building Jubilee Ace?
TJ: Thank you for this interview. Growing up, I was fortunate in many ways. Being from the States and educated mainly in the UK, I could see many instances of pricing discrepancies in exchanges and products mainly driven by differing exchange rates, demand and locale. This means that with a good consistent system, one could buy an asset from a place and sell it in another place for a profit. However, to do it consistently, we had to have an environment that was digital, that was instant and had the volumes and stability to transform it into a business. I started looking into this and surrounded myself with specialists from different industries and finally decided on commodities, esports and crypto. 

Q: The crypto trading part of the business, and its AQUA system is getting a lot of good attention. Is this current crypto environment what you are referring to and what is the focus this year?
TJ: It was expected for the cryptocurrency portion of the business to get the most attention, but we have to share that we have received a large number of support and enquiries regarding our commodities and esports platforms as well. As a firm, we believe in diversification, so we will continue to allocate funds into all 3 sectors. The arrival and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies indeed put us all on the map, because as institutions and players rush to develop tokens, exchanges and products for these huge markets, we are seeing more and greater opportunities to find and utilise our algorithms for more arbitrage opportunities. Our focus this year is to continue to develop these traders, programmers and set an even greater foundation for our technology, and in 2020 we will start to work on more finding more partners, more exchanges and also on branding and marketing.

Q: What is your positioning and stance for the Jubilee Ace brand?
TJ: Inspired by the Cardano (ADA) teams who I feel are really doing and building a great token and blockchain, I did not want Jubilee Ace to come on to the market with all bark and no bite.

Thus we chose to focus on doing live sessions offline to smaller groups so we get people who come into the platform who are knowledgeable, closely knitted with our teams and people who know our development plans. 

The second thing we want to mention is that Jubilee Ace is here to be a platform, or specifically a transparent, arbitrage centric platform. We are not here to push a token, create an exchange, we are a company focused on growing our funds through good trading with good data and technologies. 

In summary, Jubilee Ace is a solid company with a solid product with a closely-knit group of supporters and users.

Q: It is clear to us that users of the Jubilee Ace platform benefit from your tech, but do exchanges steer clear of arbitraging firms in general?
TJ: On the contrary, exchanges look forward to working with tech companies like Jubilee Ace. Let me explain. Today, there are thousands of exchanges on the markets. None of these exchanges want to be seen as weak, slow or inadequate. If BTC is trading at 11,000 USD on Binance, you would want your exchange to be trading BTC at 15,000 USD as this shows a huge lag in your trade volumes and users. What Jubilee Ace does is help these exchanges in two ways – firstly, by increasing the liquidity by trading actively on their exchanges, and secondly, by closing these pricing gaps between the exchanges. They get their trading fees, we get our spreads, our users get a portion of our profits. A holistic and balanced model for all parties involved.

Q: Why the name AQUA for your proprietary trading algorithms and bots?
TJ:  AQUA stands for Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage, which embodies our vision to be the ace in deploying quantum technologies around the world to perform arbitrage for our firm. Aqua also represent water, which is formless and changes to fit the shape of the medium it is in. This is very much like our corporate spirit and goal, to find seamless ways to arbitrage by fitting into the various exchanges, industries that we are in. I think the name is especially meaningful, and I am glad you brought it up.

Interview with Jubilee Ace's Tony Jackson, developer of new fintech applications
Q: That is indeed a profound name for your tech. Now, do you have anything to share for the new traders and readers out there?
TJ: I would say that everyone should take the effort to research and not go into any type of product or investments without adequate information. The internet today may not be the best place to get your information, so get yourself to a preview or a seminar and meet the people and see the products for yourself. Set aside your own safety capital, and only invest a manageable sum for alternative investments. Be open, be courageous and be well informed. It is an unbelievable day and age to be in and actively be part of it.

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