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Iqbal Singh: An underachieving student to an overachieving businessman

Iqbal, a digital marketer with a dream to empower every young entrepreneur out there has constantly strived for excellence

Published: Oct 26, 2020 04:27:13 PM IST

Iqbal Singh: An underachieving student to an overachieving businessman
In this time where reality has hit a pause button on us and free time and laziness come creeping into our former busy schedules, it is difficult to get a hold on your dreams and ambitions. This is one of the reasons why businesses are largely affected by the pandemic. At the same time, it can also be used judiciously to build your network if leveraged properly. One person who realised this before anyone else is Iqbal Singh. Iqbal Singh is a versatile entrepreneur working with the staging of many other young entrepreneurs. He works hard to give these young entrepreneurs a solid space and platform in the industry.

Iqbal since a young age knew what his goal was. He was least interested in convential professions. This college dropout had plans of building his own empire rather than sulking at some 9 to 5 job. He has now become a success story and has taken his venture WAF Entrepreneurs to a new level. Under his guidance and support WAF Entrepreneurs has grown into a stable company that has successfully collaborated with Global companies and helped them expand their business internationally.

Iqbal, a digital marketer with a dream to empower every young entrepreneur out there has constantly strived for excellence. WAF Entrepreneurs enhances the business of a company by sharing experiences, business aids, mentorship and a life long leadership. It teaches you to be a leader and a winner, even when times are hard. Apart from all these life skills, they also help you earn money while working from the comfort of your home.Iqbal Singh started his first business project in 2013. And ever since he has been putting his sweat and blood for surviving and thriving in this ever-changing industry. His success story did not happen overnight, all the success, wealth and opportunities he brought to his clients were a result of sheer hard work and dedication and now he is earning in 7-figures and this is great success they achieved in this age only.

In a younger age, Iqbal was tagged a failure for his unfulfilling academic scores. Today, he has set an example in front of everyone and has proved our education system and the grade hungry society wrong. He believes academics don’t measure your success in life, if one follows their innate passion and their interests then they will achieve all the glory.

In 2013, when he successfully laid a foundation for WAF Entrepreneurs, he realised his true mission. Later in 2019, he digitalized WAF Entrepreneurs. He leads the youth towards the path of self-achieved success and the value of internet resources. He says, "This is the biggest revolution in the history of WAF Entrepreneurs when WAFIANS running their business network from anywhere across the globe."

Iqbal Singh is an inspiration for all. His journey from being an underachieving student to a successful business is what everyone should learn from. His zeal towards his work is truly commendable and his vision to empower younger entrepreneurs is a blessing.Catch a glimpse of his life on his In Instagram handle iqbalmallhi3001

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