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Making a style statement with Rado

A successful entrepreneur's milestones are an essential part of the evolution of the industry and the company he leads. What better than a limited edition Rado HyperChrome Skeleton Automatic Chronograph to mark the milestones in the life and career of a well-heeled achiever?

Published: Nov 14, 2018 04:49:40 AM IST
Updated: Nov 14, 2018 03:36:09 PM IST

Luxury brands are about innovation, forward-thinking and great design, attributes that you also need to be a successful entrepreneur. You cannot run a great company without a dash of flamboyance, imagination and an attention to details. No wonder then, successful entrepreneurs are connoisseurs of luxury.

Call us conservative, but we believe that one of the most extravagant accessories a stylish entrepreneur can boast of, is an outstanding timepiece — one that epitomes luxury and good taste. A watch is the first luxury accessory every entrepreneur invests in and many across the world are avid watch collectors. Some collect because their interest lies in the mechanical development of watchmaking, some because they admire the history and heritage associated with watchmakers, and others because they have a passion for a particular genre of watch or complication.

A watch that epitomizes luxury and is backed by narrative rich in heritage, craftsmanship and technology, has a value beyond its cost. It is a value we place on owning a piece of history, a value we associate with artisanship. A luxury watch like Rado has an inherent value that goes beyond merely following current trends. It is timeless and can be worn for many generations. A quality derived from limited production and meticulous hand-finishing. It is this kind of timeless appeal and craftsmanship that collectors look for in a Rado watch.

Marking personal and business milestones

The culture of luxury is an appreciation of finely made things from brands recognisable by the fact that they are ‘expensive, successful, represent good taste and high society, meet exacting standards of design and technology, and are classy’. Cultures that value luxury also socially value these personal descriptors. Descriptors that fit modern-day entrepreneurs in the best ways possible.

Successful men often mark their successes and career highs by investing in the finest accessories and possessions. These are not just mere acquisitions. They are also reminders of how far they have come.  What better than a luxury accessory, a watch, to mark his success?

Exquisite watches made from precious materials are not just functional time-telling machines, but are also fashionable, offer an insight into an entrepreneur’s sense of style and is a reflection of his personality.

Weighing in for legacy
Rado, the Swiss watch brand with an enduring legacy, combines state-of-art design and high-tech materials to craft watches that are timeless

The Swiss luxury horologist is a name to reckon with for its use of extraordinary raw materials in the crafting of exclusive watches. Rado launched the DiaStar in the early 1960s and since then, has used a blend of materials to manufacture their highly precious watches. Over the years, Rado has built an enviable reputation for its mastery over materials and its impeccable design credentials.

Making a style statement with Rado

Rado HyperChrome Skeleton Automatic Chronograph is worked to the bone
Among the most recent launches by the Swiss watch brand is the limited edition Rado HyperChrome Skeleton Automatic Chronograph. On display are all of the characteristics that Rado watches have come to be famous for — great watchmaking credentials, design know-how, and an understanding of what the modern man desires from his watch. These high-ranking qualities make it a one-of-a-kind piece that is likely to turn several heads, whether it in high-profile corporate circles or in a glamorous club.

The subtle Rado HyperChrome Skeleton Automatic Chronograph is crafted from matt black high-tech ceramic. The automatic chronograph has a decorated movement and a polished black high-tech ceramic bezel with engraved tachymeter, filled with white lacquer-polished stainless-steel side inserts. 
It boasts a much-acclaimed skeletonised or “open worked” movement — the plate and bridges sleekly cut away, exposing the complex inner design elements of the movement within. The dial is encased in matt black high-tech ceramic setting and is offset by a polished black bezel. Rado Hyper Chrome Skeleton Automatic Chronograph is extremely light, scratch-resistant and attention-grabbing due to its high-tech ceramic construction.
Clearly, this is a watch that appeals to men who savour the feeling of owning and wearing fine things, a high that is just one step lower than the one he experiences while building big companies.