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Marketing economist Yoshikazu Ito on how organisations can create a culture of learning

Yoshikazu Ito views on how companies can thrive in this age with the discipline of economy

Published: Aug 17, 2020 11:04:20 AM IST
Updated: Aug 17, 2020 09:15:31 PM IST

Marketing economist Yoshikazu Ito on how organisations can create a culture of learning
The first thing companies have to understand is that often times they could be putting their own companies out of business by not being aware of the growth opportunities that exist in both inside and outside of the company environment, Yoshikazu Ito funder a marketing economist also a founder of a global consulting farm Buddy & Growth co., ltd shared with us. After assisting 100s of companies and corporations globally, what we have seen is that once corporate cultures are set the next barrier companies are faced with is the understanding at the executive level of the importance of nurturing an office environment that systematically encourages learning opportunities from both inside and outside of the office.

According to “bonfyre” a US based farm on business analysis,51% of employees report “not being engaged”. That means neither like of dislike their job. With our current economic climate corporations may finally be paying attention to signs that are affecting their revenue decline. In this interview we peek into the perspective of Yoshikazu Ito a Marketing Economist and a founding director of a growing consulting farm Buddy & Growth co, ltd on how companies can thrive in this age with the discipline of economy. Thank you so much for your time to share with us Yoshikazu. Could you please share how you began your business journey? I was one of those students who always had in mind to start a business. During university, I joined a consulting company for an internship. And when I was a graduate student, I worked in a consulting company for nearly three years. I believe that the core of that was that from the time I was a student, sharing knowledge and experience to people so that they could grow up get results, has been my passion.

After my academics, I cultivated sales skillset at an insurance company as well as taking a role in marketing at a cooperations and consulting companies. Later on I finally chose to be independent in the year of 2016 by launching Buddy & Growth. Finally, your company has recorded a constant growth over the time. Could you share with us tips for other corporations that are facing plateau? For us that happened a year after we launched our company when we faced the tipping point. Our constant growth slowed down and out of no where suddenly stopped. After executing a specific method we were able to get back on our feet.

The first key is for corporations to be aware of learning opportunities out side of their corporate culture. The second key is, and this is one of the solution we provide to our clients, is that the importance of compound interest. At Buddy & Growth we have a service where we send out companies one learning material per day that can help them learn different marketing methods and corporate management. We encourage that model of learning based on how people are wired. And by leveraging how people learn most efficiently we encourage companies to constantly grow even during the midst of economic shift. Thanks so much for your insight Yoshikazu. Where can our readers find more on the details from you and Buddy & Growth co.,ltd? Thank you. The pleasure is all mine and happy to share. Readers can visit our company page as well as Fb.

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