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Sal Jobe: The next generation sports agent

At only 29, Jobe has made a rare self-made success story

Published: Aug 17, 2020 11:34:31 AM IST

Sal Jobe: The next generation sports agent
With the notion of our current stage of a short career life cycle, we need to zoom in on individuals that have successfully reinvented their careers everytime. Sal Jobe has evidently worked up in the films and television industry, eventually entering a career that he has dreamt of since his childhood. In his teenage years he was a London borough of Walthamstow Forest champion and held the fastest time and records. He first entered the entertainment industry and eventually started his own sports consultancy firm, Nxt Level Collective that works into talent management, contract negotiations, advisory services commercial, brand alignment and strategic career development.

At only 29, Jobe has made a rare self-made success story. Jobe himself was a football player who played for several conference clubs, including Luton town FC. He was heavily influenced by his uncle and boxing expert Ambrose Mendy. It was in 2015, that Jobe realised his potential to leverage his understanding of the sports world and help up and coming athletes and other sports persons. What sets him at the top of his game is his undivided attention to his client’s talent. Jobe’s priority is to create value for his clients rather than brokering a deal, which is one of the core values of his agency as he displays on his official instagram account @isthatsal “i sell value”.

Jobe has subsequently helped the young sports talent to attract public and professional attention such Jarrell Miller and Daniel Dubois who is a British Professional Boxer. Jobe has always been determined to achieve excellence with his work, which is reflective by his increasing number of clients. He puts his head and heart in the game in order to give an absolute 100% to his clients. Jobe’s humble nature, extensive contacts and determination has resulted in him becoming a pioneer in the sports industry. 

He has started focusing on creating a platform that can bring deals for international talent from all across the globe. Jobe’s expertise lies in making the right move for players at the perfect time to get value they truly deserve and currently is working on a partnership with incredible football clubs. He has strong ties to the major clubs and they are all salivating at Jobe’s skills to identify and attract the talent they need. Their interest has made Jobe look for international athletes and sports talent as the next big thing to focus on.  

Jobe evidently is a constant learner, and throughout his journey as a sports agent, he has seeped in a great amount of knowledge, learning how to handle the reins of his business. He has been constantly proving the term, “It’s a buyers market for talent!” and holds up to the current environment. The need for real expert talent managers being as low as they are, Jobs’s eye to  identify a true talent is keeping the hope alive for less exposed sportspersons. By implementing this knowledge and exercising his extensive media reach, Jobe aims at bringing forth young sports talent in the future.

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