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Mstar aims to help economic recovery from Covid 19

Mstar technology came up with new technology to help farmers around the world, including those in India

Published: Aug 17, 2020 10:53:30 AM IST
Updated: Aug 18, 2020 05:02:47 PM IST

Mstar aims to help economic recovery from Covid 19
Jakapun Viwatkurkul is CEO of Mstar Technology, which is a division of Mstar Inc. Mr. Jakapun Viwatkurkul established the web development company in 2007, and it has become the backbone of many successful websites and mobile apps in the US. Pasit Viwatkurkul, CTO, joined the company in 2016, and he helped build a web application that became the top music job portal site in America and in Europe. He sold the operation to an investor firm in 2018. Later in 2015, Mstar expanded their operation to India and China to work with the best web engineers and programmers to help reduce costs and to support clients in South East Asia and in the US. This caused the company’s private stock to soar to more than 40% of its value, for a net worth of more than $475 million dollars. Mstar Technology has had a rapid growth and expansion plan starting from servicing ordinary clients and corporate accounts to military and government projects. Mstar Technology is now supporting many start-up tech companies around the world.

Why help the world?

Mr. Jakapun Viwatkurkul and Mr. Pasit Viwatkurkul visited many countries in Asia and saw that more than 50 - 70% of people were farmer facing severe poverty. People from the urban area who have left their families to work in the city and metropolitan areas are now facing layoffs and business closures due to COVID-19. There has been a tourist industry meltdown with reductions in exports. Millions of workers have been laid off and are going back to their hometowns with no hope for their futures. Mr. Jakapun Viwatkurkul came up with a technology to help people who have been laid off to be able to find freelance jobs in their hometowns. Mstar also came up with a technology that helps farmers around the world to be able to sell and barter their crop at a reasonable price directly with various buyers around the world.

“There should be no middle man who controls the price. Farmers should get a fair price from their hard work,” says Jakapun Viwatkurkul, CEO.

“Farmers should have tools to help them be successful and able to work directly with buyers who have an interest in their products,” says Pasit Viwatkurkul, CTO

Technology to create jobs and help farmers

Mstar technology came up with new technology to help farmers around the world, including those in India, South East Asia and many parts of the world, to barter their crops with each other and to sell their products online to domestic buyers and as imports around the world. Mstar also created the technology and knowhow to help workers to find job and create jobs in their hometown once they were laid off. Mstar Technology not only helps with agriculture products, but it also came up with technology to help bring back the tourist industry to the world once again.

Company Mission

Mr. Jakapun Viwatkurkul and Mr. Pasit Viwatkurkul want to give back to the community. They want to lift up farmers worldwide out of poverty and into the middle class. They want to bring back smiles to the people of the world.

“I feel that every farmer deserves an opportunity to get the most reasonable price and to be able to connect with buyers worldwide without a middleman” says Jakapun Viwatkurkul, CEO.

“Every farmer around the world should be able to exchange their crop more easily instead of depending on a broker who wants to push down the price and gain a big profit,” says Pasit Viwatkurkul, CTO.

Mr. Jakapun Viwatkurkul wants to see farmers around the world enter into the middle class and out of poverty by 2025. “People deserve better than this, and they should have a chance to become rich. They are the ones who are feeding the entire population of their countries,” say Jakapun Viwatkurkul, CEO.

Our goal

“My goal is to connect farmers around the world and to give them the choice to pick and choose their buyers rather than being monopolized by a middle man,” says Pasit Viwatkurkul, CTO.

“Everyone should see the importance of farmers. I will create a pathway to success for farmers around the world,”says Pasit Viwatkurkul, CTO

.Mstar is now moving forward to expand the company agenda worldwide to help people from all over the world get out of poverty. Mstar understands that the world economy is facing a reset from COVID-19, and we want to be a part of the solution to help people find new opportunities and to become better than before.

“I feel that if everyone were to come together, we could get through this,” says Jakapun Viwatkurkul, CEO.

“We can make the world better again,” says Pasit Viwatkurkul, CTO.

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